Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Greenhouse Effect: Fact or Fiction?

Question #1: Do you you understand the science of the ‘greenhouse effect’? If yes, proceed to question #2. If not, do you understand that the global climate is warming, and that the rate of increase is beyond any previous warming event in geologic history? If not, then use search parameter “paleontological record previous global temperatures”. You can, also, search using “global temperature history millions of years” (and modify successive searches regarding the number of years to hundreds of thousands, thousands, etcetera). Remember to avail yourself of the Images function and the Related Search offerings.

Question #2: Since you understand the science of the greenhouse effect, do you accept it as being true? If yes, the skip to question #3. If not, here’s a link you can use to study it further
(4 minute simple demonstration):

Question#3: Do you understand that the greenhouse effect describes a ‘blanketing effect’ on infrared radiation being emitted by Earth after sunlight strikes the surface of the planet? If you do, then talk about this with your family, friends and acquaintances about it. Here’s some links from my blog on topics that may help:

Blanketing Effect (aka Greenhouse Effect):

Greenhouse effect:

Global warming:

Climate change:

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