Thursday, February 7, 2019

Is Trump Qualified To Drain The Swamp?

Dictatorial minded leaders and those who admire them listen to the “smarmy, oily, scaly lie of the serpentine mind that whispers in the ear that there are no absolute principles of right and wrong or unimpeachable elements of Cosmic Law with their attendant, inevitable consequences”. 

The consequence is a downward push towards the swampy end of the gene pool and away from the ideals of Western Democracy.

To counter this, we both need to be fully aware of the evils of the collectivist mind and to work towards the principles of Enlightenment that gave rise to highest ideals of Western Democracy.

To excessively dwell upon the negativities of such people as Trump only feeds energy into their vortex and pulls you away from that which is desirable. 
Study: Cosmic Law of Attraction