Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 Worst Days On Planet Earth

"Earth may seem like the most hospitable planet in the solar system. But look again. Startling new discoveries reveal the blue planet has been plagued by more chaos and destruction than scientists once imagined. Stand on the Earth billions of years ago as a primitive planet slams into it. Shiver as our entire globe is frozen over like a gigantic snowball. Feel the heat as mammoth volcanoes scorch the landscape and darken the sky. From a cosmic gamma ray burst frying away the ozone layer to an Everest-size asteroid slamming into the ocean, we'll reveal new information about how these unparalleled events drove life to the brink of total extinction. Out of this continuous devastation, how has our planet--and life--got to where it is today? Are the worst days behind us--or lurking in the distant future?"

This History channel video is loaded with much interesting information. For example:
We have about 500,000 years left on planet Earth where we will experience tolerable temperatures (about like the last 500,000 / includes ice ages). That's because solar radiance increases about 10% each billion years.

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