Saturday, February 22, 2020

Spiritual Metaphysics and Physics

Spiritual Metaphysics is the view that reality is ‘spiritual’ at it's core, not physical.

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The ability to adequately understand ‘spirituality’ and the ability to comprehend the ‘absorption and re-emission of infrared red radiation by carbon dioxide’ both require similar levels of consciousness. However, one does not have to comprehend every little thing at all levels to know that each is very real.
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Infrared Absorption Reemission:

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Extinction Events: Asteroids, Vulcanism and Global Warming

Some of the Great Extinctions have been caused by the shock waves of large asteroid impacts reverberating within the mantle and fracturing weak spots in the Earth’s crust and triggering prolonged vulcanism and creating stupendously massive flood basalt fields (LIPs) that released so much CO2 that the greenhouse effect was amplified to the point that extinctions followed.
Note: There have been multiple Chicxulub-type impacts on Earth over the last billion years, as inferred from lunar impact craters, numerous multiple ‘large igneous provinces’ all around the world, and extensive geologic analysis.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Global Warming vs Cooling

Whenever the ‘Milankovitch cycle’ increases the the amount of sunlight energy striking the surface of the Earth, this causes the ‘carbon cycle’ to begin releasing more CO2 into the biosphere — which, in turn, amplifies the natural warming. When the Milankovitch cycle decreases the amount of sunlight hitting the face of the Earth, then CO2 levels gradually decrease and the ‘greenhouse effect’ is weakened. However, when large amounts of greenhouse gases are dumped into the biosphere by events such as large igneous provinces (LIPs) or the massive burning of fossil fuels by humans, then the amplification factor of the greenhouse effect is strengthened significantly. If you’re in an ice age, it might be beneficial; however, when you’re in an interglacial period such as we are, then it becomes detrimental.

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Global Climate Temperature Graph (18,000 years ago to present):


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Global Warming, Dinosaurs, and the 3-meter Gap

The popular belief is that an asteroid strike killed off the dinosaurs. However, if you search “3 meter gap + dinosaurs”, you’ll discover that they and many other organisms had mostly already disappeared before the Chicxulub event. The cause was a prolonged massive and extended basaltic lava flow in India that created the Deccan Traps. Called an LIP (large igneous province), this event released so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that climate change caused the dinosaurs to gradually become extinct. This means that the accumulated sediments after their disappearance lacks their remains, hence, the 3-meters that’s missing their fossils between the Age of the Dinosaurs and the asteroid strike.
Now, here we are today releasing such massive amounts of greenhouse gases that we’re beginning to experience the early signs of artificially induced climate change. 
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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Global Warming: “Ode to Laggards”

“Ode to Deniers”

There are none so blind as those who ‘will not’ to see and none so deaf as those who ‘will not’ to hear —
for they choose to ignore what they already know.
Matthew 13:13
Jeremiah 5:21
John Heywood 1546

An illustration of this is when knowledge of the greenhouse effect and the carbon cycle is ignored in regards to the subject of global warming.
For example, there are those who believe that because CO2 levels normally follow along behind global temperatures that this explains why the current increasing levels of greenhouse gases correlates so well with the rate of global temperature increases. However, the Milankovitch cycle and the current Solar Minimum indicate that temperatures should be declining were it not for the amplification of the greenhouse effect.

Our global situation, however, involves the massive burning of fossil fuels and is akin to that era in Earth’s geologic past when temperature increases were driven by massive amounts of CO2 being released by basaltic LIPs (large igneous provinces). This means that temperature follows along behind greenhouse gas levels.