Monday, January 30, 2017

USA: Puppet Who Dances For Coins

We now have an individual as the leader of our great nation who is not a peace maker. Indeed, his shameless and spontaneous outpourings will cause many unnecessary problems and maybe even calamity.

This "entrepreneur" is primarily concerned with promoting corporate interests, hence the push for capital gains tax reductions, lowering of corporate tax levels and thwarting environmental protections. His populist facade is, indeed, a very thin charade. 

One thing that I do in an attempt to preserve my sanity is to avoid 'clicking' on anything online about our infamous leader. There's simply too much of an overwhelming variety of coverage of his contrived nonsense. And besides, online news and such watch their 'hits counters' just like I do. So, I click on articles that sound sane, safe and responsible. [I do read a hard copy newspaper each day. Its coverage is more responsible and limited.]

The following link is from The Week.
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