Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DentaTreat Your Dogs' Teeth

I inherited an elderly Chihuahua with bad breath and very badly plaqued teeth. Fortunately, I was already familiar with DentaTreat --- a powdered cheese product that you simply sprinkle on the dogs' dry food. After two months, her teeth are almost white and her breath is normal dog breath. I predict normal looking teeth within another month and this means she won't lose her chompers.

Our Cairn Terrier used to have to have her teeth cleaned at the vet annually. But once DentaTreat came along, no more vet bills for that. All of my other dogs had had clean teeth from chewing bones and sticks, so this had been a new experience.
Read more by googling "DentaTreat".

Climate Change Basis

Since 1896, scientists have been puzzling about how much of a
temperature increase on Earth would occur if carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere doubled. This "climate sensitivity number", based on the
doubling of CO2, is predicted to be as low as 3 degrees F. by the few
optimists and as high as 8 degrees F. by the pessimists. Most believe
that the increase will be about 5 degrees F. overall.

As an'overall' average for the entire planet's surface, five degrees may not
seem like much; but, if you account that the ocean covers 70% of the
surface and yields less than a five degree increase, it highlights the
fact that the land temperatures will increase proportionately more (and
the poles will increase the most).

All this long term climate change is based on a doubling of CO2. Note that temperature lags behind
CO2 increases. At the present rate of CO2 increases
and the laggardly human response to correct this, we're looking at
eventual tripling or quadrupling of CO2. No computer model can predict
what will happen then.