Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lying Undercuts Freedom

“Trump has managed to alienate both a majority of Americans and a majority of countries with the exception of Russia...”

For Trump, lying is as easy as breathing (sociopathy).
For Putin, lying is an essential art 
form (disinformation).
For both:
“If nothing is true, then anything is possible.” Fake News.
Both men (and their supporters) are enemies of freedom.

“Russia is not just an adversary to the United States but to freedom loving people everywhere."

“If nothing is true, then anything is possible.”

Note: I consider socialistic proponents of the welfare state to be just as  dishonest, so don’t lump me in with that crowd either.

Left, Right and Center

Some might think that I lean to the left in my political viewpoints, while others might think I lean to the right. This mostly depends on which particular issue I’m addressing. But, it also depends on the perspective and political stance of the one looking at me. To someone with a steady far left viewpoint on all issues, I would seem to lean towards the right — while someone who leans far to the right will generally think I’m a leftist. Meanwhile, those of us who find certain favor with both political leanings (depending on the issue), we see ourselves as making a very significant effort to maintain a balanced stance on issues. 

I see no value in doing a disservice to the pursuit of the truth by “taking the low road” in provoking outrage with a trollish attitude.