Sunday, March 29, 2015

Will Nuclear Bombs Be Used ?!

It doesn't take much to realize that there is a degree of probability that North Korea will attack South Korea using nuclear weapons in the future. China does not control North Korea, and Russia could benefit in the future if both North Korea and Iran acted out its own hostilities. Thus, Israel would be forced to defend itself. My only real question is whether Iran (after developing nuclear weapons) will content itself with an attack on Israel or will it strike out at its Great Satan, the United States?

Note: The Korean War never ended. Only a ceasefire was agreed upon.

Note: Iran has repeatedly vowed to destroy Israel at all costs. This yields them political allies in many places.

Russia: 3 Geopolitical Frontlines --- Crimea,Kaliningrad and the Arctic

"Russian President Vladimir Putin signed off on a new military doctrine for the country on Dec. 26 last year.
"The new doctrine, beyond explicitly stating that NATO's expansion was the main external threat facing Moscow, calls for reinforcing three geopolitical fronts that Russia sees as part of its existential security.
"In the coming years Russia will focus considerable resources in developing and maintaining a strong military presence in the Arctic, the recently annexed Crimean peninsula, and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea."

Russia New Ambitions:

The Cosmic Web: Touch the Face of God

The Universe might be thought of as the physical manifestation of God (analogous to the body of God).

Google 'cosmic web'


Begin at 38:38

Iran In Iraq To Stay?!

The Bible: Its Buried Secrets