Friday, December 9, 2016

Physical Manifestations of Mental Images and Misconceptions

Imagine sitting in a darkened movie theater watching the story of your life playing out on the giant screen as shown through a series of sequential highlighted moments. You first see yourself in heaven as a spirit choosing to incarnate into a particular situation where you will unavoidably create particular kinds of events that you need to learn from due to your personal misconceptions. You watch as childhood hurts unfold because of this. You see the images created by your misconceptions and errors in judgement manifest from your thoughts through your emotions into physical reality. As you become aware of your lifetime of interactions with others, you suddenly recall Shakespeare's quote:
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players...". 
Now your life takes on a deeper meaning. You now know that your soul is your own. You're the one in charge of how you react to situations. Then, you become aware of the misconceptions in your mental body and how that dictated how you emoted a physical response that was inappropriate.  

Sitting in the theater, you realize that the bright white bulb of the projector is like your spirit shining forth and focused through the film. The film is the matrix of your soul. The light shines thru it and finally manifests on the physical screen. And, you in the theater chair, are the "point of soul consciousness" observing this. And, now that you are aware of this, and that time and space is illusory, you realize that it is up to you to transform and transmute the wrong headedness of your misconceptions so that your life manifestations are more properly aligned with cosmic law.