Friday, May 26, 2017

Ho'oponopono: Self I'dentity


If your goal is to focus on the positive—on those things that produce
satisfaction, meaning, serenity, and joy—and you notice that you
have been lost in replaying an argument you had with someone, or
that you are wrapped in images of hurt, criticism, complaint or
blame, you can instantly refocus by repeating, “I’m sorry. Please
forgive me,” from your heart until you feel a sense of peace. Then, as peace enters you — and if you are genuine in asking for forgiveness, peace will indeed enter — you can respond to it with
“Thank you. I love you."
Your thanks is for the gift of recognizing the negative thought, and for the relief that came when you chose to apologize for it. 
Your love is an appreciation for choosing to let go of the negative, to embrace the healing, the cleansing of it from your mind. And with your sincere utterance of gratitude and love, you set off a wave of joy.

Prayer: As I Am
Dear God, 
I thank Thee for accepting me as I am. You shine your Light and Love thru me.
You give me Life eternal.
My imperfections darken Your Light and create shadows in my world.
I thank Thee for showing me my misconceptions, irrationalities and fears.

I'm sorry.
I apologize.
I recognize what I am.
Please forgive me.
I thank Thee.
I love Thee.
I adore thee.

Realize that your soul (highest level of consciousness / higher than mental body) contains all of your "past" memories. As you go thru your day, stimuli will trigger thoughts and feelings (not all positive). Neither condemn nor rationalize nor condone those that are irrational, negative, hostile, weak, ungrateful, fearful, etcetera. Simply recognize that your soul is 'dishing up' to you something that needs purification. Be grateful. This is a gift. And an excellent way to heal yourself is thru the consistent practice of Ho'oponopono:

Ho'oponopono: 8 minutes
Self I'dentity through Ho'oponopono is a wonderful tool for self-healing and causes a great improvement in all areas of your life.

Ho'oponopono song 9' (w/subtitles)

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