Monday, July 9, 2018

Be of the ONE: I Am That I Am

Religious fundamentalists are generally somewhat superstitious — not because they believe in God, but because they naively try to reduce God to a caricature reminiscent of mankind. When the scriptures say that God created man in His image, the deeper meaning  is that the “I Am That I Am” holy Presence of God resides in each of us — not the reverse of God looking like man. 
Mankind’s whole•I•ness comes from allowing God’s Light & Love (I Am Presence) to shine forth thru us and into the world as His continuing ongoing ‘act of creation’. 

To receive God’s Light & Love from within and shine it forth (to give) is Divine. We are intended each to be a “point of Light and Love” shining forth in God’s Creation — just as the millions and billions of stars of the Milky Way each shine forth as beacons beckoning us onward.

Milky Way image:

Why Many Christian Fundamentalists Welcome Global Warming

I asked myself the question “what is the correlation between believing in the Rapture and not believing in Global Warming?”
 What I discovered was that “for a significant number of Americans, the reality, causes and meaning of global warming are seen through the lens of their religious beliefs. Some reject the evidence that humans are causing global warming because they believe God controls the climate. Others believe that global warming is evidence that the world will be ending soon, and that we don’t need to worry about global warming in light of the approaching apocalypse...”

The above goes hand in hand with the fact that “many Christian fundamentalists feel that concern for the future of our planet is irrelevant, because it has no future. They believe we are living in the End Time, when the son of God will return, the righteous will enter heaven, and sinners will be condemned to eternal hellfire. They may also believe, along with millions of other Christian fundamentalists, that environmental destruction is not only to be disregarded but actually welcomed — even hastened — as a sign of the coming Apocalypse.”
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