Saturday, July 7, 2018

Easy Gathering of Plastic Grocery Bags for Recycling

For ease in collecting plastic bags and such, I keep a Umbra Mezzo Swing-Top Waste Can, 2.5-Gallon (10 L) from LOWES in my kitchen [you can order online]. I put a grocery plastic bag in as a liner and put the swing top lid back on. Plastic bags are easy to stuff in and the swing top lid prevents them from escaping. When I desire a bag for reuse, it is easy to removed a single bag. When the waste can is full and compact, I simply remove the lid and use the grocery plastic bag handles as ties to knot. Pull out the neatly contained bunch and drop off at the recycle collection bin at the groceey store.
Note: I’m serious about my recycling. I even compost all food scraps using black soldier fly larvae (the only thing I don’t give them is bones which the dog gets). My trash bins never attract flies because no food waste is ever put in them.