Monday, July 3, 2017

Trump Emulates Pro Wrestling Smackdown

I generally avoid clicking on anything that has to do with Trump or partisan politics. However, I found the article detailing an observation of Trump's theatrical style, though dysfunctional, appearing to be highly similar to the pro wrestling 'smackdown' to be irresistible. Especially since it helps to further explain his allure to the one third of the population that are his die hard fans:
"Making bombastic boasts. Dropping signature catch phrases. Attaching insults to rivals’ names. Shouting down perceived enemies."
"If President Donald Trump’s recent attacks on television personalities, journalists and political rivals feel like something straight out of the pro wrestling circuit, it may not be a coincidence."
"Wrestling aficionados say the president, who has a long history with the game, has borrowed the time-tested tactics of the squared circle to cultivate the ultimate antihero character, a figure who wins at all costs, incites outrage and follows nobody’s rules but his own."

Indirectly related to this is a TED talk that allows that Trump may have a point when he disses the media:
"Hate the media? So do I. And I'm a Reporter. | Abbie Boudreau"