Sunday, March 24, 2019

El Morya: Power of Your Freedom; Armageddon Fallacy; Criteria for Ascension

" . . . Let Us clear the decks today concerning the Power of your own Freedom acting right here; and determine with all the Power and Activity of your Presence, to no longer accept discordant appearances in the outer world.
Beloved ones, why do you still find it difficult to release yourselves from certain things? With one it is the health, with another it is the financial supply. Just because you are unknowingly allowing your attention to fasten to the appearance of the condition. Because your pocket seems to be empty you declare you have no money. From the appearance standpoint, you do not have it in manifestation; but here (pointing above) you do have it. Your Presence has all the money in creation - all you could ever use in the world; but because you are accepting the fact that your pocket or pocket-book is empty, it keeps your attention fixed upon the appearance. The repellent force or fear, or whatever is acting is depriving you; because you give it more power in your sphere of activity, your physical focus here, than you do your Mighty I AM Presence. You have not given the Presence the full Power which belongs to It. You do not give It the opportunity to act....”
"...You can bring comfort to those who are tying into that mega-thoughtform (Armageddon). You can bring the understanding of the Law that it is no more than a 'paper tiger'. It is not real. It exists only in the imagination of those who have conjured it. It is easy to transmute. It is easy to dissolve. And once there are sufficient numbers of the students of the Ascended Masters who are aware of this, there will no longer be the grave concern by many on the planet who are reveling in the day of the so-called 'Armageddon' - which does not exist, beloved ones. It is only in the imagination - the 'eye-magic' misqualified with the absence of the Love of God...”
" . . . For you to gain your Ascension there are certain requirements of the Law necessary for you to fulfill: balance more than half, fifty-one percent, of your own karma; grasp the understanding of each of the Seven Rays; put on the garment of the Christ; and, most assuredly, integrate into the fulfillment of your Divine Plan that Mission which your God Presence vowed you would accomplish. You together — you and your Presence as One Being — vowed before the Altar of the Almighty that you would perform the perfect work at the right time and in the place provided, for you too have within your consciousness the ability to attain to that which you are required by the Law to accomplish.....”

El Morya’s Keynote Music is Edward Elgar’s “March #1 in D” from his collection called “Pomp and Circumstance” in 1901. This is the melody that Americans know simply as Pomp and Circumstance:

The British, however, know it as a song with lyrics called “Land of Hope and Glory” [Historical background]
(5 minutes):

Sir Winston Churchill’s 1945 ‘end of war’ speech with musical background of Land of Hope And Glory (4 min.):