Saturday, November 29, 2014

Global Warming and Future Generations

All of the warmest years on record have occurred since 1997, the year that climate change skeptics claim warming trends stopped. Quantifying the degree of global warming has required world wide data collection on land, sea, air and from orbit in space. Mere isolated local and regional observations did not give the big picture.

Some locales may seemingly benefit from climate change in the short term future. But as global warming trends strengthen, the weather patterns will continue to shift in bigger ways as greenhouse gases continue to accumulate and amplification mounts. All in all, a warmer planet will alter the lives of every plant and animal species on Earth --
including our own, the Naked Ape.

Meanwhile, fearful conservatives in all walks of life cling to their antiquated views on life and choose not to realize the dangerous situation we are all in together. Indeed, their shortcomings may ultimately prove to be disastrous by prolonging the length of time that we seriously procrastinate. The momentum of CO2 buildup continues to increase. And even if we do manage to reverse our course, global warming will continue regardless because the existing level of greenhouse gases won't magically decrease overnight. Indeed, we can only slow the rate of increase. In short, we're really screwed.

Our descendants for many generations will live on a warmer planet regardless of what we do now. How much warmer depends on what we do or don't do in the future. We will survive, but the future generations may very well hold us in great disdain for our miserable lack of foresight and for our greedy expediency.

Global Warming: Deniers Doth Protest Too Loudly

Global warming is a terrifying possibility. The prospect of such a long lasting climatic effect inflicted upon Earth by our ignorance is horrifyingly terrible. To not feel the fears contained within this real possibility is called "denial".

Denial is one of three basic human defense mechanisms. When running or hiding isn't an option, we "stick our heads in the sand". The trouble with that is that we leave our posteriors exposed and ourselves in a very vulnerable position.

With the issue being one that requires group action in order to remedy the result of actions made in error because of insufficient knowledge, to not pursue a corrective course would be a sin -- the sin of omission. And to consciously further misuse and abuse the world that God gave us is a sin beyond redemption -- James 4:17.

HL Tauri: Planets Early Stage Formation Seen

"For decades, astronomers have worked with supercomputer simulations of the basic laws of gravity, fluid and gas dynamics and radiation transport to create physically consistent models of what protoplanetary disks should look like as they evolve over time. The mechanism of planet formation has also been explored through a variety of calculations and physics-based models."

Now we have pictures on great clarity confirming what a solar system looks like as young planets first begin to form: