Thursday, August 15, 2019

Global Warming: Angst and Anxiety Syndrome (negative manifestations arise from fear)

“Since it is generally acknowledged that humanity have a desire to be happy and that they have the right to pursue happiness, we ask this question: Would it not be wise for people in all walks of life to work toward the healing of those conditions which they bring upon themselves through their unfruitful anxieties?

We avow that there are lawful concerns and that men and women should make reasonable provision for their future and for eventualities which they know from personal experience may arise. But it is so unnecessary for them to become apprehensive about life in general, or even life specifically, to the point where their apprehensions unbalance their thinking, their emotions, and their entire psyche.

Anxiety is the great warp of life. It warps perspective without producing any perceptible benefit whatsoever. Anxiety is the cause of people's tendency to hoard the goods of this world. Like frantic squirrels they pile up their winter's supply of nuts. They accumulate an oversupply of every imaginable item, and they deprive themselves of happiness by their unwarranted concerns and their unnecessary and time consuming preparations for every eventuality.
Just as we do not expect that the students will cease to be providential, so we do not expect that they will become unduly involved in antici- pating a doomsday that never arrives...”

Page 218+

Note: Until lately, the ‘human miscreation’ of ‘induced global warming’ had mostly been due to our not understanding the blanketing effect of carbon dioxide on infrared radiation. However, this single physical law shall now begin to increasingly inflict natural consequences upon all life on the planet because of our continued unsequestering of vast amounts of carbon in the form of carbon dioxide. 

The kinds of protections that God and His Angels provided that we routinely take for granted shall not be sufficient to totally protect us from ourselves — because God Almighty Himself bestowed Free Will upon us, protecting us from what we now knowingly inflict upon ourselves would be a violation of Cosmic Law.

However, any efforts that we take to mitigate the cause of our self inflicted curse will be blessed and multiplied exponentially. So, do not allow fear to blind you to the truth of what is, nor be driven into despair — neither attitude leads to the right kind of action!

Extreme Alarm:

Rigid Denial:

The Jesuits and Franciscans Who Survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In Hiroshima, a group of eight Jesuit priests lived in a presbytery near the parish church less than a mile away from where the first atomic bomb ever dropped on a city exploded well within the total death and devastation radius. Keep in mind this was a blast that killed 80,000 people almost instantly and up to a total of 140,000 eventually.
All eight priests in their home building sat in the direct kill zone while for miles around nothing but ashes remained. They were not only “virtually unscathed from the effects of the bomb” but none of the group suffered either the ill-effects of radiation or major injuries from the bomb blast.  Furthermore, while their building received some damage, unlike others it still stood.
While it is true that small numbers of other civilians in the blast area survived, all presumably suffered, and most if not all eventually died from radiation sickness.
What is truly miraculous is that radiation sickness did not affect ANY of the Jesuits at that time or decades later.
Why were these eight priests spared in an area of total death and destruction?

"In a strange parallel to what happened at Hiroshima, the Franciscan Friary established by St Maximilian Kolbe in Nagasaki was likewise unaffected by the bomb which fell there. St Maximilian, who was well-known for his devotion to the Blessed Virgin, had decided to go against the advice he had been given to build his friary in a certain location. When the bomb was dropped, the friary was protected from the force of the bomb by an intervening mountain. So both at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, can we see Mary’s protective hand at work?"