Sunday, May 5, 2019

Compassion Is Positive — Sympathy Is Not

“...compassion is a positive quality. Sympathy is a negative quality. These two qualities are exact opposites.”

‘Sympathy is agreement with imperfection. Your Life Force, flowing through the silver cord from your Presence, rushing forth uncontrolled and attaching itself to a person in distress, immediately takes on that quality of said distress. Thus, rather than helping such a one, you weigh him down with more of the same quality of this unhappy energy by turning your attention and your sympathy (your qualified energy) toward him. You let the virtue flow out from you without control - you magnify and magnetize the distress.’

‘Compassion, witnessing the requirement of the moment, does not allow the feelings to leave the Heart Flame with an acceptance of the discordant appearance. It does not accept that there is a power greater than God. Then, in the masterful poise of that God-anchorage, the Healing Powers are drawn and projected to the one in need. All this time, your own Electronic Presence through your feeling world, is in complete mastery of the condition or circumstance.’

"For instance, in the case of an accident, if an individual with sympathy were to look upon a person whose life-blood was ebbing away, the sympathetic individual would probably faint, while the compassionate person would give immediate assistance to the injured one by stopping the flow of blood. It is most important that you understand this. . . . ."
Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy)
Electronic Presence

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