Saturday, September 29, 2018

Spiritual Transformation: An Inner Approach

If you can view your thoughts as ‘sensations’ (especially those thoughts that are triggered by the sensory stimulation of your physical senses) while passively observing these thoughts, you will allow a natural and gradual transformation of your upper mental plane’s memory body. This is made possible by your mental body simply being aware of who you are. Who you really are. 

This requires setting aside your “ego” and simply observing your inner workings without condemnation nor approval. [Ego is defined as the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity]. 

Thus begins the ‘mindfulness’ of soul purification.

“Mindfulness:  Self-observation Without Condemnation Or Condoning”

“When there is constant passive awareness of our speech, our thoughts and feelings without condemnation or justification, that very awareness brings its own purifying action and, therefore, its own transformation — which is not a result of our efforts to transform ourselves. But for that truth to be, there must be a quality of receptivity in which there is no demand, no fear, no desire; and that can come into being only when there is passive awareness.”

Thought is often an automatic response to sensations experienced by the senses. Thus, the thought process can be indirectly viewed as a sense and thoughts as sensations. 

Observe your thoughts impartially and let self awareness come to you peacefully and remember that “the highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement.”
Start listening at point 13:13 in
“Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 4 - Beyond Thinking (32 minute video)”:

Apply the above gradually to aspects of your life where you find tension and conflict. Misconceptions create conflict and are like knots (nots). Many knots create Gordian knots. Loosen the ties that bind through self observation and via Samadhi:

Read: The I Am Presence-
“I Am That I Am”

Note: As the spiritual energy sent from your spirit passes through your soul, it takes on the etheric form that your Memory Body imparts. This manifests outwardly as your Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies where manifestations of negativities and misconceptions are more readily discernible. Exercise the power of discernment. Watch, learn and listen. 

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