Friday, January 12, 2018

"I Am Presence" Dynamic Decrees: Tube of Light and the Violet Fire

Decrees are a command for the Will of God to be manifest. Two of the most important "Mighty IAm Presence" decrees are the Tube of Light & the Violet Fire. Before decreeing the Violet Fire, decree the Tube of Light.

Tube of Light decree:
"Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! 
Enfold me now in Thy Mighty, Magic, Electronic Pillar of Ascended Master Light Substance! Make it so Powerful that no human creation can pass through. Within this Mighty Tube of Light, blaze Thy Violet Transmuting Flame in, through, and around my four lower bodies and consume everything less than Thy Perfection. 
In its place, charge my world and all I contact with the Ascended Master Consciousness and with the Substance and Consciousness of each one of the Ascended Masters’ Living Presence and Activity. See that this Light keeps me invisible, invincible, and invulnerable to everything but Thy Almighty Presence and infinitely sensitive to Thee and Thy Divine Perfection. " 
[do thrice (3x) ]
Note: Roughly speaking, the upper figure is your Spirit (your Mighty I AM Presence, which is "of God"). The Tube of Light extends down and around each of us. Within this, the transmuting Flame of Love (Violet Fire) radiates / with yourvChrist Presence standing with you and guiding you.
This is both literal and symbolic. But, if you use the I AM a Presence picture as a reference, it can help make the decree more meaningful for you.
There are other decrees, but this one is primary, basic and a prelude to the “Violet Fire” decree:
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Note- “The use of the Violet Flame is always safe to apply and is applicable to any person, place, situation or thing.
The Violet Flame is the Consuming Flame of Divine Love and Compassion. This Violet Fire is the Grace of the Ascended Host that allows the transmutation and consuming of human creation and all negative karmic causes, effects, records, and memories, without the need to individually balance that karma face-to-face with each individual back to our earliest incarnations. Saint Germain has explained that by calling to the Mighty I AM Presence to release this Action of the Sacred Fire, a person can purify the mind and body of unnecessary substances which hinder the Flow of Light and thus clear the consciousness to receive greater Illumination. This Flame of God elevates the unhappy substance of human creation back into its original Pristine Radiance."

Meaningfulness of Religion

Religions ultimately seek God. To the degree that they do so, they have a spiritual goal (whereas to the degree that they seek to control people, they do not). Each grouping of religions has people who are fundamentalists (seek God externally)and some who are mystics (seek God within), while the rest are in between. To the degree that each religious grouping recognizes that each person has a divine essence (Spirit) at their core that is ‘of God’ and base their teachings on such, they have legitimacy. And just as people are all brothers and sisters (God’s children), different religions are but reflections of each other attempting to describe different attributes of the Creator.

God is “All-in-All”: I believe that the creator of ‘all that is’ in our universe ‘is of God’, and even though each religion gives God a different name, there is only the One.

Religion is an ingenious solution to many of mankind's fears and needs. “History of Ideas: Religion”
(11 minutes):

It's perfectly human to grapple with questions, like 'Where do we come from?' and 'How do I live a life of meaning?' These existential questions are central to the five major world religions.
“The Five Major World Religions”
(11 minutes):

My personal summation:

There is only GOD —
both the Creator
and the Creation.

Each one of us is
part of the Creation.
Each one of us 
is of God.

God loves each 
one of us.
God loves 
all of us.

We are not separate
from God.
We are of God.

When we stand steady 
in the Light,
we become illumined 
with God’s Love.

Stand steady in the
Great Silence,
and allow God 
Into your Heart of Hearts!