Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Degrees of Human Callousness

As I observe people driving oversized vehicles and building oversized homes, it seems to me that they believe cheap oil will continue on relatively forever. It, also, occurs to me that they either don’t believe in the greenhouse effect, or else they simply don’t care about further amplifying it.

These factors point to a certain ‘density of character’ that belies the level of insightfulness necessary for advanced cooperative efforts if our society is to survive the upcoming trials, much less thrive. This apparent lack of sensitivity towards self and towards others is, also, indicative of a soul that’s calloused enough to block the spirit’s efforts to guide and protect. Indeed, it’s doubtful that the nurturing of the soul is even taken into consideration, and it’s likely that the idea of karma and group karma are alien concepts not worthy of application.
Note: If humans were angelic, any form of government would work because our actions would be purely cooperative and mutually beneficial.