Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas Massacre; Oct. 1st 2017

I’ve so successfully separated myself from sensationalism in the news and clickbait news items since Trump was sworn in that I didn’t know about the real news of Sunday night’s Las Vegas massacre until I got to my coffee shop on Tuesday and read the newspaper. As I walked across the parking lot, I’d noticed the flags flying at half mast and wondered if an ex-President or such had passed away. Little did I realize that a ‘gun nut’ had laid waste upon a crowd of innocent victims.

The particulars of this tragedy are still unfolding; but, as I reflect upon the overall situation, I can’t help but wonder if the notoriety of this event will flash in the brain pan of some other ‘crazy’ as a infamous way to make their mark in this world. Though Nevada’s lax gun control laws played a part, surely the fiery national rhetoric helped fuel the shooter’s delusions of grandeur. 

I post this because I myself have had to isolate myself from the media’s sensationalistic pumping up of every thing from Trump’s inane tweets to fake news of sharks swimming on Houston freeways (mental masturbation) in order to better preserve my peace of mind. 

Note: When I do click on something, I like to make sure I’m not supporting nonsense.