Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Infrared Radiation Experiment: Press a Sheet of Paper Between the Palms of Your Hands

Understand that I have been deliberately refraining from posting about global warming climate change for a while now. I’ve basically already said most of what I can say — and besides, when you’re watching the beginning of a train derailment in very slow motion, you have to look away at some point when you too deeply sense the hopelessness of the situation — or in the case of global warming, at least long enough to break free from the negative vortex that’s pulling us all towards an “abyss of despair”.
Thus said, let me otherwise continue: 

It’s not easy to comprehend the amount of energy that is emitted from the surface of the Earth — that has been absorbed and is then reradiated in the form of infrared radiation(IR). The dynamic of this became more clear to me one very frigid, calm and bright sunny midmorning this past winter as I went to sit outside with my back to a tall wooden privacy fence. I was seriously bundled up against the cold; but, I soon had to start peeling layers. I realized that the primary source of the heat was from the fence behind me and not the bright sun shining in my face. Suddenly, I remembered the overly strong warmth that you feel when you firmly press a sheet of paper between your hands with the palms touching. This is somewhat analogous to the interaction of the Law of Thermal Radiation and Insulation (as seen in the atmospheric interplay of infrared radiation and the ‘greenhouse gas blanketing effect’).

Why is this important? Because the laws of physics and of quantum mechanics explain how the Greenhouse Effect works. Greenhouse gases act as a thermal blanket to infrared radiation. Without it, the Earth would be a giant snowball; but then, too much will turn the Earth into a hothouse. We should note that the combined levels of the greenhouse gases being artificially released will be far in excess of what the planet has experienced naturally in the past. We are “artificially amplifying” and ramping up the degree of global warming for the 
indeterminably far future.

The biosphere is already at the point that the ice melt of Greenland and the Antarctica will continue indefinitely even if we were to completely and permanently stop emitting greenhouse gases today. The increasing release of methane caused by the melting of permafrost and methane hydrate will continue no matter what is done, but we could slow this down. Otherwise, we shall continue amplifying future levels of global warming even more.

Result: Global Warming is reaching a tipping point where it will eventually become self-sustaining cycle if we continue to procrastinate.  Anyone procreating at this time in history is taking on a lot of responsibility by quite possibly subjecting their offspring to eventual surreal levels of life-threatening hardship. The seemingly slow motion apocalyptic reality of what all of mankind is facing is no joke. Yet, humanity’s pitiful response is truly laughable.
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Note: When I watch a show or see a picture of a coastline or an island, I automatically estimate the probable  length of time that rising sea levels make climate change emigrants out of the residents currently living there. But it’s not just rising sea levels creating such emigration. It’s, also, advancing desertification, droughts, disrupted water cycles, ocean acidification, etcetera contributing to “environmentally induced migration”. Even the Syrian crisis was precipitated by an unusual drought that is likely a part of climate change.

In short, by the time the world is deep enough in crisis that even the most conservative reactionary can no longer deny global warming, proactive actions will have been replaced by drastic reactive measures. And it’s today’s reactionary fundamentalists of all religions that will lead the charge, once it’s too late. Some will call it the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Apocylyose; but, in reality, it’ll have been a self-fulfilling one. You don’t need a crystal ball to see what’s unfolding in front of us right now.