Saturday, February 15, 2020

Global Warming: “Ode to Laggards”

“Ode to Deniers”

There are none so blind as those who ‘will not’ to see and none so deaf as those who ‘will not’ to hear —
for they choose to ignore what they already know.
Matthew 13:13
Jeremiah 5:21
John Heywood 1546

An illustration of this is when knowledge of the greenhouse effect and the carbon cycle is ignored in regards to the subject of global warming.
For example, there are those who believe that because CO2 levels normally follow along behind global temperatures that this explains why the current increasing levels of greenhouse gases correlates so well with the rate of global temperature increases. However, the Milankovitch cycle and the current Solar Minimum indicate that temperatures should be declining were it not for the amplification of the greenhouse effect.

Our global situation, however, involves the massive burning of fossil fuels and is akin to that era in Earth’s geologic past when temperature increases were driven by massive amounts of CO2 being released by basaltic LIPs (large igneous provinces). This means that temperature follows along behind greenhouse gas levels.