Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Degrees of Human Callousness

As I observe people driving oversized vehicles and building oversized homes, it seems to me that they believe cheap oil will continue on relatively forever. It, also, occurs to me that they either don’t believe in the greenhouse effect, or else they simply don’t care about further amplifying it.

These factors point to a certain ‘density of character’ that belies the level of insightfulness necessary for advanced cooperative efforts if our society is to survive the upcoming trials, much less thrive. This apparent lack of sensitivity towards self and towards others is, also, indicative of a soul that’s calloused enough to block the spirit’s efforts to guide and protect. Indeed, it’s doubtful that the nurturing of the soul is even taken into consideration, and it’s likely that the idea of karma and group karma are alien concepts not worthy of application.
Note: If humans were angelic, any form of government would work because our actions would be purely cooperative and mutually beneficial.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The 1984 Climate Change Documentary (we were very clearly warned)

“During the late 1970s it became increasingly clear that the planet was warming, culminating in the landmark Charney report, published in 1979, The Charney Report: 40 years ago, scientists accurately predicted climate change.

This 1984 documentary outlines our understanding of global climate change at the time.

Topics discussed include, the scientific consensus, weather patterns, sea level rise, adaptation, climate actions, or the greenhouse effect.

There's weather, and then there's climate. Weather patterns come and go, but forecasting has become much more accurate through improved meteorological techniques. Climate change is harder to predict. But, as the CBC's Peter Kent shows in this 1984 documentary, it's happening. Carbon dioxide levels in the Earth's atmosphere have been steadily rising...”

WATCH: 1984 Documentary “The Greenhouse Effect and Planet Earth” (31 minutes) — If you watch just the first minute, you’ll get the idea...

The Carney Report:

My comment: “Artificially induced  climate change” is about the blanketing effect that CO2 and other greenhouse gases have on infrared radiation. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is politics.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Mega Eruptions: Disrupt Climate and Often Extinction Events

In looking at mass extinctions, LIPs (large igneous province events) induced almost all of them. But not the one created by Cyanobacteria called the Great Oxidation Event. In the other cases, either excessive amounts of sulfur dioxide SO2 or CO2 carbon dioxide were pumped into the atmosphere in such huge quantities that the biosphere was polluted to the point that much of life died off. With SO2, it was global cooling. With CO2, it was global warming. 
Note: Large amounts of sulfur dioxide lead to short-term cooling (on the scale of tens of years), while carbon dioxide and methane cause long-term global warming (lasting thousands of years).


Great Oxidation Event:

Volcanic Activity and Mass Extinctions:

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Since 1965, Presidents and Oil Industry Leaders Warned Us About Global Warming

Though the first clear scientific warnings about global warming came at the same that Milankovitch Cycles were defined, succeeding clarions were sounded more and more until in 1965 government and oil industry leaders sounded a warning that was clear and dire — and the source unexpected. “This report unquestionably will fan emotions, raise fears, and bring demand for action,” the president of the American Petroleum Institute (API) told an oil industry conference, as he described research into climate change caused by fossil fuels.

Every President Since JFK Warned About Climate Change:

Friday, July 26, 2019

Eons of Global Warming and Cooling Associated With Oxygen & CO2 Fluctuations

After the Earth first formed, the temperatures were higher than they are now. Anaerobic life evolved and flourished in conditions with high methane and CO2 levels for hundreds of millions of years. Then Cyanobacteria came into being and consumed the CO2 while releasing oxygen, creating a great dying off of the anaerobics.  The CO2 levels got so low that the Earth became what scientists call Snowball Earth. Eventually, however, the CO2 and oxygen levels balanced out and new life forms evolved and flourished in the pre-Cambrian Period. After this, the only times that great extinctions occurred were when CO2 levels soared due to extended periods of basaltic flows such as those that created the Siberian Traps (associated with the Great Dying) and the Deccan traps (that drove the dinosaurs towards extinction before the Chicxulub asteroid strike).

Note: To deny the physical science of the greenhouse effect is just plain silly. Watch and learn (4 minute simple demonstration):

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sea Levels Rising Further (now that temperatures lag behind CO2 levels)

During typical interglacial periods, sea levels peak at more than twenty feet above current levels when CO2 levels remain at typical levels. This would've already occurred for us if it hadn’t been for a northern hemisphere comet strike inducing the Younger Dryas climatic event from 12,900 to 11,700 calendar years ago suppressing long term natural temperature increases.
However, what we need to consider in regards to this interglacial period is the fact that we are artificially increasing our biosphere’s CO2 levels [unnaturally, temperature now follows greenhouse gas levels] to the point that they are countering any benefit that the Dryas mini-ice age event gave us.

Note: Global sea level was 120 meters lower at the peak of the last ice age 26,500 years ago.

World Maps During Last Ice Age 
(when sea levels were lower):

Future Sea Levels (how much higher is anyone's guess):

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Greenhouse Effect: Explaining It To Tweens

Heat Mirage:

If you’ve ever seen ‘heat waves’ shimmering off of a hot asphalt road far ahead of you on a long straight highway, then you have seen ‘infrared radiation’ and convection in action. Infrared radiation (IR) and convection continually radiate heat away from the surface of the Earth. Nitrogen, oxygen and argon gases of the air do not interfere with the passage of IR; but, large molecules like carbon dioxide, methane and such (greenhouse gases) slow down the escape of IR (heat) out into space. Called the ‘greenhouse effect’, it’s like a slowdown on the freeway, with the heat waves getting jammed up — and this causes the air temperatures to rise. This is a natural process. Indeed, if it weren’t for the greenhouse effect, our planet would have always been a frozen ball of ice. 

[After this point, it might become an explanation of what global warming is. Talking about the balance in nature is a good place to continue on (example: not too much, not too little).
Like other subjects such as sex education, listen carefully to what the child is actually asking and stay within those parameters without undue over expansion. When they’re ready for more, they’ll come back with more questions. 
Note: Don’t give misinformation. If you don’t know, then you don’t know — and now you have questions.]

Here is a link to a posting in my blog on the subject(s) which links to other postings:

If you want to take the direct approach to finding in my blog what you’re interested in, directions are given at the bottom of this page next to the thumbs up icon for using search function. I’ve been interested in the subject since 1978, when I first heard about the gravestones of Alaska’s original settlers tipping over because of melting permafrost.

For more independent research, I suggest:
Which I mentioned in 
“Avoid Algorithmic News Feeds”:

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Understanding the Greenhouse Effect: Short YouTube Videos for Kids & Young Adults

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that allows the planet to maintain the necessary conditions to support life. Without this phenomenon, Earth would be uninhabitable, as the global average temperature would drop to 18C below zero. 

The Greenhouse Effect (2 minutes):

Explaining The Greenhouse Effect | Sustainability (2 minutes):

How Greenhouse Gases Actually Work (3 minutes):

Greenhouse Effect: The Science (3 minutes):

There are many more to choose from. Either use the YouTube search function (an icon in top bar that looks like a magnifying glass) or else google ‘YouTube kids videos Greenhouse Effect’ or ‘YouTube young adults videos Greenhouse Effect’, etcetera.

For kicks, if you enjoy time-lapse animated videos, here’s some related to global climate change:

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Salvation Of The Soul

Note: The following paragraphs are a reposting of what I’d posted originally on June 30, 2008. Though I’ve learned a lot more since I’d posted this, I’ll let it stand on its own merit. The one thing that I’d like to add is that the early Christians called themselves “The People of the Way” and were that era’s New Age Religion. They were considered to be a cult and were persecuted severely. Not all of their beliefs survived this era. Those that mainstream society could not easily grasp nor accept were not incorporated into what became mainstream Christianity. For example, Jesus was not a male supremacist.”

“Many religions believe that souls are created by God.  They, also, usually believe that God created the Universe.  He did –  just not in the direct ‘hands-on’ sort of way that us mortals can easily conceive of.  The creation of the soul and God’s Universe weren’t done in a measurable length of time / and they are interconnected.  Early Christians understood this; but, their teachings were not understood by much of the general populace.  For example, Christ did not promise instant redemption.  Later, these early Christians beliefs were considered to undermine the authoritarian structure of ‘established religion’, branded as esoteric, and banned [Early Christian writings & books that were rejected at the First Council of Nicaea].  Higher order thinking skills were driven underground and ordinary people were given something that they could believe in that would more easily give them hope.

Fortunately, other religions that were in existence and evolving at the same time, did stay true to the concept of an everlasting soul and one’s own responsibility in tending to it.  The Universal Law of Cause and Effect aka Karma tells us that we shall rise or fall in incremental stages according to our own thoughts and feelings and deeds.  You can believe in the salvation that Christ brought, but only if you take his message of Love & Wisdom into your “heart & soul” can you be saved “one step at-a-time” through repeated incarnations in this physical world manifestation of purgatory that some call a “world school”.
Original posting’s link:

Friday, July 19, 2019

Time-lapse Animated Videos of Global Climate Related Conditions

NASA: Older Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing 2 1/2 minutes):

Global Temperature Changes (animated map)1850 to 2018 
(1 1/2 minutes):

135 Years Global Warming In 30 Seconds

NASA: A Year of CO2 Emissions (3 minutes):

Time-lapse history of global CO2 emissions by humans 1751-2008 (1 minute):

NASA: Perpetual Ocean (currents) -
3 minutes:

NASA | Earth’s Oceans Show Decline In Microscopic Plant Life (2 minutes)

Graph Showing Total Comparative CO2 Outputs of World’s Nations Since 1880
(10 minutes):

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Global Warming: Alarmists’ and Deniers’ Commonality Is the “Fear Factor”

I prefer using the term ‘global warming’. If I use the term climate change, I prefer ‘artificially induced climate change’ because this directly implies that we (not God, not Fate) are responsible for the problem, and therefore, the solution(s).

Global warming is a scary subject and different personality types “react” to this fear differently.

Alarmists are generally either the religious extremists who want to hasten the Second Coming OR the secular extremists who know only the science and have not faith that God would show us the way thru this problem if we would just listen to our ‘heart of hearts’. Will we listen? That yet remains to be seen. 

Denialists generally use their denial as a defense mechanism to deal with the fear. Some use convoluted reasoning to deny the greenhouse effect, etcetera and try to convince themselves under the guise of convincing others. And then, there are the naysayers (who simply enjoy being oppositional) and the contrarians (much more virulent, hateful and emotional and don’t much bother with  the mental). 

Note: One way the Denialists will be correct in thinking that we will not endure a global warming based apocalypse is IF there is a fear based, perfect storm of events that the Four Horsemen usher in that will totally disrupt our fossil fuel based economies- OR-  if a golden age of international proactive cooperation ushers in the true Second Coming of Christ the Peacemaker. 
[Of course, these two aren’t mutually exclusive. Indeed, human nature being what it is, we’ll likely have to endure the negative consequences of the miscreation of our wrong thinking (Group Karma) before we even consider allowing the Golden Rule to prevail.]

By relevance-

By date:

Doable Approaches to the “Drawdown of Carbon Dioxide”:

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Avoid Algorithmic News Feeds

Here’s a website that will help you navigate amongst a wide variety of media sources and to fact check away from fake news and algorithmic bubbles created by Facebook, Google, YouTube, etcetera. There are ten categories. Just click on the “Bias Categories Menu” icon after going here:

You can actually gain online access to each of these news sources by going to “source” and clicking. For example, after going to “Bias Categories Menu”, I clicked on ‘Pro-Science’ — then went down the page to ‘Discover Magazine’ and clicked on it — then, on new page, went down the page until I saw ‘Source’ and their link. 

Examples of Several Bias Categories:
Filtered Search
Left Bias
Right Bias
Questionable Sources

Social Networking

Algorithimic Bias:

Fun Music Destressers

Chicken Dance Song:


Gangnam Style:

Levan Polka: 1952 Lumberjack Band:

“Bridge Over the River Kwai” theme music:

Kim Ah Joong Maria:

You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles):

Kung Fu Fighting:

They’re Coming to Take Me Away Haha:

Witch Doctor:

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer:

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Easy Explanation of the Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is all about Infrared Radiation (IR). It is the ‘heat’ that results from sunlight striking the surface of the planet. As the heat (IR) radiates away from the surface, it interacts with the large molecules present in the atmosphere. Water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and several other significant gases are examples of such. This interaction slows down the escape of IR out into space. To visualize this, watch the following five second clip that repeats:
For more:

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Al Gore and the Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect is not an imaginary something dreamt up by Al Gore in order to impose a world government upon us. It is a simple physical scientific reality that is easily demonstrated for anyone who’s interested. There are, of course, many ramifications of the ‘greenhouse effect’. The first being that there would be no life on Earth without it— because, otherwise, the planet would be permanently frozen over. The second is that our unsequestering carbon thru the burning of vast amounts of fossil fuels has turned carbon dioxide from being a good thing to being “too much of a good thing” — because, in unnaturally excessive amounts, it’s good qualities become overblown and, thus, detrimental. Above 385 ppm, CO2 becomes a pollutant (along with artificially released nitrous oxide and a variety of other articulacy produced greenhouse gases). Failure to recognize this puts all life on Earth in jeopardy, and denial of the ‘greenhouse effect’ becomes not only foolish, but immoral (and, in the end, evil).

The Greenhouse Effect: Fact or Fiction?

Question #1: Do you you understand the science of the ‘greenhouse effect’? If yes, proceed to question #2. If not, do you understand that the global climate is warming, and that the rate of increase is beyond any previous warming event in geologic history? If not, then use search parameter “paleontological record previous global temperatures”. You can, also, search using “global temperature history millions of years” (and modify successive searches regarding the number of years to hundreds of thousands, thousands, etcetera). Remember to avail yourself of the Images function and the Related Search offerings.

Question #2: Since you understand the science of the greenhouse effect, do you accept it as being true? If yes, the skip to question #3. If not, here’s a link you can use to study it further
(4 minute simple demonstration):

Question#3: Do you understand that the greenhouse effect describes a ‘blanketing effect’ on infrared radiation being emitted by Earth after sunlight strikes the surface of the planet? If you do, then talk about this with your family, friends and acquaintances about it. Here’s some links from my blog on topics that may help:

Blanketing Effect (aka Greenhouse Effect):

Greenhouse effect:

Global warming:

Climate change:

To search my blog to see what I’ve posted on a specific topic, first scroll to the bottom of the page and select “View web version”. Next, in the upper left corner of the new page, find the Search Box and type in the key words of the desired topic. Then hit the Search Icon. Note: To the right of the home button icon is a ‘>’ icon that advances the search. Click repeatedly...

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Proponents of Unrestricted Immigration Helping to Derail Climate Change Initiative
The initiative in America to battle global warming is being hampered by the far left’s insisting on such ideas as unrestricted immigration and the far right’s failure to embrace and fully accept contraception (I’m not talking about abortion). The reality of our situation is that the one thing we should all be absolutely focused upon is mitigating global warming. A Pearl Harbor climate event might serve as a wake up call; but, that would only mean that it’s way too late to be proactive. Once a greenhouse gas molecule is out of the bottle, it’s not going back.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Proponents of Unrestricted Immigration Helping to Derail Climate Change Initiative
The initiative in America to battle global warming is being hampered by the far left’s insisting on such ideas as unrestricted immigration and the far right’s failure to embrace and fully accept contraception (I’m not talking about abortion). The reality of our situation is that the one thing we should all be absolutely focused upon is mitigating global warming. A Pearl Harbor climate event might serve as a wake up call; but, that would only mean that it’s way too late to be proactive. Once a greenhouse gas molecule is out of the bottle, it’s not going back.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

“Just Have A Think”: Arctic Sea Ice Loss & Enthalpy

YouTube channel, “Just Have A Think”, has 63 episodes to date and deals with subjects related to climate change. It’s presented in actual factual calm manner without hyperbole. 

One significant episode relates to a topic that I was totally ignorant of, namely, “latent heat of fusion” (enthalpy, latent heat). This video does an excellent job of explaining it and how it relates to sea ice and climate change.

Re: Arctic Sea Ice Loss (16 minutes)
Note: If you can’t watch the whole thing, then at least watch the first two minutes):
And if you liked that, then follow up with—
Blue Ocean Event:

If I understand correctly, the amount of heat energy that is needed to melt ice in contact with water (sea ice) is the same amount of heat energy that would be required to raise that newly melted ‘0 degree Celsius water’ to ‘79 degrees Celsius’ (scalding hot water). Thus, when sea ice is no longer acting as a heat sink, the ocean water takes on the full thermal warming of the sun (plus, the reflectivity of the ice is gone).

Here’s some sites I visited to help understand it better:

Heat of fusion — example problem — melting of ice:


How to measure heat of fusion of ice:

Latent heat:

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

SamsLair: To Be Or Not To Be


When perusing my blog, SamsLair, if you come across a posting worthy of being shared, note that there is a “Share” icon to click on at the end of each posting (on the left). So, if a posting resonates within you, please do share. Or better yet, improve and expand upon it and make that your own.

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I apologize for not accepting comments. I’d tried it years ago in a previous blog. It became quite troublesome.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Greenhouse Gases: More Than CO2...

Carbon dioxide is what we commonly associate with global warming. Methane, that breaks down into CO2 after 8 years, is gaining in popular notoriety (one ton of methane emitted to the atmosphere is equivalent to 34 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions). Currently, a third greenhouse gas is beginning to be recognized by John Q. Public as, also, being a significant contributor to ‘artificially induced climate change’— a single ton of nitrous oxide is equivalent to 298 tons of carbon dioxide and has a atmospheric lifetime of 110 years , and the process that removes nitrous oxide from the atmosphere also depletes ozone. So, nitrous oxide is not only a greenhouse gas, but also an ozone destroyer. [Note: Even though ozone is a greenhouse gas, it protects us from UV radiation and is, therefore, essential for our survival. Thus, the importance of curtailing nitrous oxide emissions. Oops! Nitrous oxide is released during the use of artificial fertilizer which our overpopulated world depends on for food production. Catch 22!]

Even more greenhouse gases:

Realizing that natural sources of nitrous oxide are a part of the natural nitrogen cycle, google
“anthropogenic sources nitrous oxide” for the not natural and problematic sources.

Reducing Global Warming Angst

Each unit of petroleum that you consume, each quantity of food that you eat raised using artificial fertilizer, 
each bit of refrigerant released into the atmosphere, each dram of methane released by oil exploration or agribiz or the melting of permafrost and methane hydrate nudges us ever so imperceptibly closer to our global Armageddon. Increasing greenhouse gases increases their infrared radiation blanketing effect and, thus, increases the single biggest greenhouse gas, water vapor. We’ve been told this so many times that it has become an annoying background noise that we tend to tune out as we struggle with our daily lives. In the middle of the night, however, the creeping angst from our subconscious surfaces and the fear factor creeps up another notch in your psyche. Your soul begins to reach for answers, but your inaction pulls you down. 

If you want to earn the forgiveness of future generations, then do at least one thing each day to increase the pressure on business and political leaders to take action. One of the best ways to do this is to talk about the problems. Talk about positive things being done to solve this problem. Talk about how much money is saved by using renewable energy sources, etcetera:

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Artificial Fertilizers and Petroleum Sustain Our Populations: What Now?

A century ago, our population was only a fourth of what it is today. Then came the use of artificial fertilizers (nitrous oxide) and petroleum (carbon dioxide, methane) to sustain an ever increasing number of people. Environmental degradation, resource depletion and artificially induced climate change have accompanied our progress. It’s now past time for relying on science to ‘save the day’. Otherwise, our planet’s biosphere will no longer be able to support life on Earth as we know it.

Hope For Climate Change Reversal:

Worst Greenhouse Gases:

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Christopher Columbus Being Slandered?

While watching the TV show “Yellowstone”, in the season 2 episode entitled New Beginnings, the character, Monica Dutton, is given the following lines wherein she is talking about Columbus (based on his diary) when she says:
“When Christopher Columbus first came in contact with Native Americans, it was the Arawak people in the Bahamas. (pause) I'll read to you from Columbus's journal: "They willingly traded us everything they owned. They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance.
They will make fine slaves. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

Read more:

When I heard this (having majored in history and taken the History of Mexico courses), part of it didn’t ring true. So, I searched online using the parameter ‘Christopher Columbus Diary’ and found that the TV misquote stemmed from the entry dated October 12, 1492 where Columbus said:
“I that we might form great friendship, for I knew that they were a people who could more easily (be) freed and converted to our holy faith by love than by force.” 
Yes, before that he did say,"They willingly traded us everything they owned. They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance.” 
But, he said nothing about forcefully enslaving the Native Americans.

Note: Other online sources of his diary ‘conveniently’ left out the October 12thentry, which is an example of dishonesty and bias. So, I googled ‘Christopher Columbus slandered’.
The top choice link was:

Were the Indians enslaved and decimated by disease? Yes, most certainly. But, understand that Columbus, the man, was but one piece of the colonization machinery. The Spanish had just barely driven the Moors out of the Iberian peninsula  and were on a testosterone high. 

Note: Many people have an idealized image of the Indian as being the noble savage and that the European was the evil conqueror. It’s not as simple as that. Indians had been conquering each other long before the Europeans arrived. The Europeans, however, took it to a whole new level (and the diseases they brought weakened the tribal groups and made them much easier to conquer).