Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Looney Tunes in the White House and the Value of US Dollar

Looking at the list of characters being tapped for prominent positions in the Trump administration, I'd say that it may soon time to turn off CNN and go to the cartoon channels. Oft times, cartoon characters display better judgement than what we may be witnessing from the newest Trump reality show. I won't wish ill of them; but, I do fear for the economy as the value of the American dollar is potentially threatened long-term by lack of international confidence in America.

Of course, only time and what Trump's team actually does will be the final judgement. In the worst case scenario, at least we will have someone experienced in bankruptcy at the helm. And he won't be able to objectively blame the Democrats since he has the majority in Congress. And he will be appointing a conservative Justice to the Supreme Court.

50 Factors that Affect the Value of the US Dollar:

Pew Research:  Confidence in Trump
(note that there are 14 pages at bottom of chart about related topics)-