Tuesday, June 26, 2018

My Voting On Global Warming and Immigration

I am most concerned about immigration and climate change, especially illegal immigration and global warming. To deal with immigration problems, I favor the Republicans. To deal with global warming and environmental issues, I favor Democrats. So, I’ll vote Republican for the upper house at the federal and state levels and Democrat for the lower legislative houses. The Republicans are most effective in a Senate setting, while the Democrats in a House environ. This will, also, encourage bipartisanship on these and other issues. Neither party functions very well when they are the dominant party. For President and Governor, I’ll vote for whoever demonstrates the best leadership abilities. For all other offices, I will vote for whomever I fancy after researching their names and candidacy (and if I can’t decide, I’ll leave that box unchecked). 

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Note: If we go to Ranked Choice Voting, I can drop my personal voting strategy.