Friday, December 28, 2018

A Stitch in Time

Look up into the night sky and find the Andromeda Galaxy. Know that the photons of light from it registering upon your visual receptors have been traveling at the speed of light for 2.2 million years. For each photon, from the time it was emitted from its sun, time has stood still. Its actualizing within your eye is simultaneous with having escaped its star. During its relative time of travel, our ancestors’ distant ancestors evolved as the Isthmus of Panama rose up and altered the world’s ocean currents, thus changing the climate patterns such that Proconsul’s descendants were forced to spend more and more time walking  upright and using the now freed hands to create and use tools to enhance food procurement that fed a growing brain that allowed language development to strengthen social development — tribal organization that expanded into the international communities that we now see becoming more interdependent as cooperation further enhances food procurement in a digital age where social communication is both heightened and diminished, depending on those who use the information technology. The heightening is demonstrated when one has the cognitive ability to grasp the concept of the relativity of time well enough to appreciate the Andromeda’s photons’ instantaneous journey.