Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Unrig the System

In places where one particular party is dominant, they resist any reforms that might threaten their being in power. It doesn’t matter which party you’re talking about — this holds true across the nation.

“This is a simple math issue. Americans identify as 25% liberal, 36% conservative, 34% moderate, and 5% other. None of these factions can win reform on their own. The good news is this isn’t a partisan issue – this is about people with power and those without it.
Despite the divisive and partisan nature of American politics right now, the vast majority of Americans agree that our political system is rigged and agree on the solutions that can fix it.”

“Unfortunately, this is a complex problem, which means there is no one quick and easy fix. Ethics and accountability, reducing the influence of money in politics, fair districts, voting and election reforms, technical innovations: we need them all to make this work.
These reforms are popular – with conservatives, progressives, and independents – and they can be implemented across the country in many ways. Reformers can make these changes through ballot initiatives, lobbying, innovation, the courts, and eventually, Congress....”