Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trump's Women Supporters

"Donald Trump’s ascent to the presidency reveals a deeply troubling truth about white women in America: the comfort of abusive, white supremacist patriarchy seems to be far more comfortable for them than the uncertainty of fighting for equity.

.....he presented himself as the male savior who would build a wall to rid the nation of sexual predators coming for white women. The father and protector of his daughter. And a champion for women’s health. Trump presented himself as a man who would make America great again, and also make America safe again for white women."

“I’m going to be really good for women,” Trump said over and over.

"And they fell for it."

My Comment: 
Of the 11 women who I know who they supported, five were for Trump and six for Hillary. Three of the five Trump women are full time housewives and the other two are part time employees (no full timers). Five of the six Clinton supporters are all full time employees (or retired from life long full time employment), while one is unemployed with a graduate degree.
This remarkably resembles the profile of women who suffer in domestic abuse cases for long periods of time. Those who don't have to put up with an abuser's crap are less likely because they're more independent.