Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Survival of Human Civilization Requires We Transform Our Weaknesses Into Virtues

Mankind’s level of hubris, greed, indolence and short sightedness has created conditions that put us at greater risk than need be (and far greater than the average person is aware of). Overpopulation, environmental degradation, ocean acidification, antibiotic resistance, etcetera are all manifestations of our weaknesses. We are gradually being forced towards needing to develop greater virtues in order to remediate the global conditions that our weaknesses have created, if we expect to survive. If we learn our lessons well, human civilization can survive.

Opportunities not met become challenges. Challenges not met become crises . Crises not met becomes catastrophic disasters.

Pray to God aka Allah aka Jehovah aka Brahma... please give us the strength and courage, love and wisdom, intelligence and adaptability, harmony and beauty, knowledge and science, idealism and devotion, meaningful order and freedom to meet the personal and global challenges that face us. Help us to recognize and discern the Truth of our situation and not to be led astray. Save us from ourselves, for we are our own worst enemy.