Sunday, July 21, 2019

Understanding the Greenhouse Effect: Short YouTube Videos for Kids & Young Adults

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that allows the planet to maintain the necessary conditions to support life. Without this phenomenon, Earth would be uninhabitable, as the global average temperature would drop to 18C below zero. 

The Greenhouse Effect (2 minutes):

Explaining The Greenhouse Effect | Sustainability (2 minutes):

How Greenhouse Gases Actually Work (3 minutes):

Greenhouse Effect: The Science (3 minutes):

There are many more to choose from. Either use the YouTube search function (an icon in top bar that looks like a magnifying glass) or else google ‘YouTube kids videos Greenhouse Effect’ or ‘YouTube young adults videos Greenhouse Effect’, etcetera.

For kicks, if you enjoy time-lapse animated videos, here’s some related to global climate change: