Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Take Political Action: Take A Stand & Make Donations

When I started blogging in 2006, I consistently included Take Action links with my postings wherever and whenever appropriate. At that time, I was also accepting comments. But after a couple of years, it became apparent that too many people are either too apathetic or too nervous to ‘take a stand’ by emailing, writing letters or calling their representatives on issues facing the nation (or state, or community) — while writing a ‘letter to the editor’ seems to be especially daunting. Joining an organization that supports one’s belief system, also, seems to be problematic. So, I both stopped posting Take Action links and taking comments. Too many people like to complain without taking any sort of action. 
But this is not true about everyone. And for these people, I offer the suggestion that if you want to take action, then simply search for the ‘subject’ (issue) plus the words ‘take action now’. Lots of organizations offer online opportunities to contact the appropriate representatives and they give succinct evaluations of the issue.

If you want to take action directly, you can find the names, etcetera for your various government representatives at:

To help evaluate the efficacy of an organization that you might want to donate to, first reference: