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The Greenhouse Effect and more...OR, BETTER YET...

The ‘greenhouse effect’ is all about Infrared Radiation (IR), the ‘heat’ that results from sunlight striking the surface of the planet. As the heat (IR) radiates away from the surface, it interacts with the larger molecules present in the atmosphere: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, et al. This interaction delays the escape of IR out into space causing some heat retention. To help visualize this, watch the following repetitive five second clip:
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Inner Worlds-Outer Worlds” Movie:

Inner Worlds-Outer Worlds’ complete ‘AwakenTheWorld’ series:

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

AGW: The Great International Unifier

Even if all greenhouse gas emissions ceased today, because of their residual effect, sea levels would still continue to rise and permafrost continue to melt for an indeterminably long period of time. Meanwhile, it’s notable that average global temperatures continue to increase during a solar minimum and that the Milankovitch Cycles indicate that overall temperatures should’ve been decreasing — Mann’s popularized ‘hockey stick graph’ is 10,000 years too short. 
Search: ‘holocene temperatures hockey stick graph images’.

When confronted with danger, we are all hard wired for the “fight or flight” response. Global warming activists are fighters.
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For upbeat global warming climate change viewing, watch channel 
“Just Have A Think” (17 minutes):
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‘alternate energy sources’

It’s, also, worth noting that since we’re “all in the same boat”, AGW is becoming the Great Unifier. Poor farmers burn off the weeds in their fields in Africa and the grave stone of an early Alaskan settler anchored in permafrost tips over a tiny bit faster — or a shopping center complex in Arizona coats their roof with reflective sealant to reduce the absorption of short wave visible light that’ll be remitted as long wave infrared radiation (heat) and the permafrost melt releasing methane in the Arctic slows down a tiny bit. 

Note: As the Fear Factor in the world ‘ramps up’ regarding AGW, the United States will be increasingly perceived as the Great Satan blocking international climate change mitigation (especially by people in those regions that are already experiencing strong early global warming symptoms). Though China and India are the bigger AGW problem, they are perceived less and less as such because they aren’t the ones blatantly rejecting the Paris Climate Agreement (the U.S. withdrawal becomes final on November 4, 2020 / the day after the election — thus, making AGW a prime issue, which the Democrats will possibly squander the political capital of by overplaying garish social issues).

Dare We Hope?:

Friday, December 6, 2019

Mann’s Hockey Stick Graph Is Too Short

The popularized “hockey stick graph” is 10,000 years too short. Search Images for:
‘holocene temperatures hockey stick graph’
click on:

Global Climate Temperature Graph (18,000 years ago to present):

Statement: Even if one looks only at the past 1,000 years, when all of the different global temperature graphs are overlaid, it becomes apparent that ‘at no point’ did overall temperatures ever rise higher than what we’re experiencing now —
“The Truth Behind Mann’s Hockey Stick” (4 minutes) — the above statement is found at the two minute mark:

Fear Is the Mind Killer:

Monday, December 2, 2019

Short Comments Relating to AGW

It’s notable that average global temperatures continue to increase during a solar minimum. Meanwhile, the Milankovitch Cycles indicate that long range temperatures should’ve been decreasing.

If you understand that the greenhouse effect keeps the planet from freezing over (Snowball Earth) when there is sufficient CO2 in the atmosphere, then you’re half way there. The “rest of the story” (to coin a phrase that Paul Harvey popularized) is that when there’s too much CO2, then we move too far in the opposite direction.

What if global warming is a hoax and we create a better world for nothing?
What if global warming is not a hoax and we do nothing? 
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The people who most rigidly deny global warming are the very same ones that most abhor the idea of world government. Yet, their resisting international cooperation will thrust upon the citizens of the world a situation that will force us in the direction of a world government. Some of them expect that a world apocalypse will force the Second Coming and count themselves as the one third to receive special treatment.

Two prime examples of the disregard for human suffering in the pursuit of profit are the tobacco industry’s past denial of tobacco’s addictiveness and the oil industry’s current disinformation campaign regarding global climate change —
David Puttnam (16 minute video):
“You don’t have to be right — just create doubt.”

To the degree that humans are merely ‘naked apes’, then the ongoing Sixth Extinction is a ‘Natural’ event. To the degree, however, that we have Free Will, it’s a travesty. 
Note: Some humans seem to have more Free Will and self awareness than others.
Quandary of Mankind —
“To be, or not to be (human), that is the question.”

The popular belief is that an asteroid killed off the dinosaurs. However, if you search “3 meter gap + dinosaurs”, you’ll discover that (except for isolated pockets) they had already disappeared before the Chicxulub strike. The cause was a prolonged massive and extended basaltic lava flow in India that created the Deccan Traps. Called an LIP (large igneous province), this event released so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that climate change wiped out the dinosaurs and many other life forms. This meant that the accumulated sediments afterwards did not contain their remains, hence, the 3-meters that’s missing their fossils between the Age of the Dinosaurs and the asteroid strike.                          Now, here we are today releasing such massive amounts of greenhouse gases that we’re beginning to experience the early signs of artificially induced climate change. 
[Search: ‘3 meter gap dinosaurs’]

Classroom demonstrations clearly shows that CO2 has a heat absorption capacity. For the naysayers, I’m sure there’s no demonstration possible that would satisfy them. Meanwhile, glaciers all around the world are melting faster during a Solar Minimum.

Oil, natural gas and coal account for 81% of the world’s energy consumption — a figure that has not changed in 30 years despite the rapid growth of renewables such as solar and wind power.
Search: world energy consumption
Search: doable drawdown solutions

Greta has drawn a ‘line in the sand’ that so clearly marks the line of demarcation, we each now know on which side of the line we’re standing.
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Mankind’s individual and group inability to comprehend the blanketing effect of greenhouse gases on infrared radiation is detrimental to the future well being of our species. Our overuse, abuse and pollution of Earth’s resources has already initiated a highly accelerated rate of plant and animal extinctions. It would be prudent, I believe, to consider our own vulnerability in this regard.

Ignorance, stupidity and evil often achieve the same results. 
Search: climate denier organizations
climate change pseudoscience

Milankovitch predicted going into another ice age, and if you look at the temperature graphs for the past ten thousand years, you can see that he would have been correct if not for the new pesky variable called CO2 and the greenhouse effect.

I can remember when only 1% of the Amazon jungle had been deforested and oil companies explained the science of the Greenhouse Effect.
I can, also, remember when there were no reliable contraceptives. Some things get better; some things get worse. The battle between good and evil continues.

As shortwave visible sunlight strikes the surface of the Earth, that which is not reflected back into space is converted into long wave radiation and radiated away as heat which interacts with large moleculed trace gases such as carbon dioxide. This slows down the escape of heat into space and results in higher atmospheric temperatures.

Global Warming is about the blanketing effect that CO2 and other greenhouse gases have on infrared radiation. Nothing more, nothing less. All else is politics.
Understanding Global Warming:

 People who deny global warming are either unaware of the simple laboratory demonstrations of how CO2 traps IR, or else, they are trapped by their own fear aka ‘scared witless’.
Mantra: I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. I will face my fear.
Now, if you’ve got a grip on your fear:
“Worst Case Scenarios of Climate Change”

EXXON Accurately Predicted Global Warming In 1982:

The “hockey stick graph” is 10,000 years too short. Search for:
‘holocene temperatures hockey stick graph’
click on:
If we stopped all new greenhouse gas emissions today, sea levels would still continue to rise and permafrost continue to melt indefinitely due to their residual effect (though the rate would slowly decrease and the runaway greenhouse effect would likely be avoided). 
Meanwhile, it’s notable that average global temperatures continue to increase during a solar minimum and that the Milankovitch Cycles indicate overall temperatures should’ve been decreasing. It’s, also, notable that Mann’s popularized ‘hockey stick graph’ is 10,000 years too short. 
Search: ‘holocene temperatures hockey stick graph images’.
Note: The Creator will protect His Creation. Thus, it behooves us to become part of the solution rather remain ‘the problem’...

Genesis 1:28 states,
“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”
King James Version (KJV)
Note: God did not say to abuse and pollute the planet and drive all things towards extinction.

When most people reference the Bible and quote Genesis 9:11 wherein God promises not to ever again destroy man, there’s a qualifier: 
— to not destroy man by flood.
There’s no mention of not using fire ‘aka’ nuclear war or runaway global warming — both of which, in reality, are man induced. Neither is there mention of not letting man destroy himself, which might violate the tenet of Free Will. 
So, I say, “Man up, and let’s take responsibility for our actions. If we’d have actively applied the message that Christ gave us instead of lapsing into Old Testament thinking, then we wouldn’t be so deep in the hole we’ve dug for ourselves by having so thoroughly desecrated God’s Creation.” 
It’s time to stop digging!

Monday, November 25, 2019

What Will Be Will Be; Que Sera Sera

A smallish butterfly the color of fresh buttermilk flutters upward in the crisp, sun-laden air of a beautiful Fall morn — and, as it is lofted suddenly from sight, a sudden spatter of oak leaves wobbling earthward, loosened from their moorings by the same puff of air that had taken the ‘flutterby’ from view, silently meet their shadows on the ground, where previously unnoticed tiny shadows jerkily transverse the view, being cast by a pair of finches flitting high up in the tree twittering,“What will be will be.”

Note: ‘Que sera sera’ is Spanish for "what will be, will be." This is something you say when you are fully engaged in an ongoing situation and have come to embrace the unchangability of it all. This is similar to the phrase ‘it is what it is’.

Song: Que Sera Que Sera (with lyrics) -

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Satirical Comedy / YouTube Channels

Introductory quotes:
“Some things are truer than others.”
“It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”

“Jonathan Pie” — is a fictitious British news reporter, created and played by British actor and comedian Tom Walker, who formerly co-wrote the character with comedian and journalist Andrew Doyle:

China Uncensored — with as much a focus on solid research as satirical humor, the China Uncensored team does their best to cover interesting stories from China:

Juice Media — is an Australian film and media company that produces contemporary political and social satire. They are known for their Internet series Honest Government Ads and Juice Rap News:

Patriot Act — is one of the more positive, and prominent, instances of ‘infotainment’ that late night-style television has seen in some time:

We the Internet TV — is a political comedy channel. It’s like watching the news — only intentionally funny... tackles controversial topics from gun control to free speech issues:

Monday, November 18, 2019

The Carbon Cycle

Only those who fail to appreciate the interplay between the greenhouse effect, the carbon cycle and our biosphere can feel complacent about our increasing use of fossil fuels for energy. 

Note: It’s more than ironic that average global temperatures are continuing to steadily increase in conjunction with rising greenhouse gas levels during a solar minimum and a time when the Milankovitch Cycles indicates we should be living in times of temperature decreases.

“Global Carbon Cycle” (10 minutes):

Carbon Cycle:

“4.6 Billion Years of Earth’s Climate History: The Role of CO2” (24 min.):
For more, search “Richard Alley”.

Global Warming vs Cooling:
Whenever the ‘Milankovitch cycle’ increases the the amount of sunlight energy striking the surface of the Earth, this causes the ‘carbon cycle’ to begin releasing more CO2 into the biosphere — which, in turn, amplifies the natural warming. When the Milankovitch cycle decreases the amount of sunlight hitting the face of the Earth, then CO2 levels gradually decrease and the ‘greenhouse effect’ is weakened. However, when large amounts of greenhouse gases are dumped into the biosphere by events such as large igneous provinces (LIPs) or the massive burning of fossil fuels by humans, then the amplification factor of the greenhouse effect is strengthened.

Search: ‘interplay Milankovitch cycle Carbon cycles greenhouse effect’

Global Climate Temperature Graph (18,000 years ago to present):


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sixth Great Extinction: A Natural Event?

To the degree that humans are merely naked apes, then the ongoing Holocene Extinction is a ‘Natural’ event. To the degree, however, that we have Free Will, it’s a travesty. 
Note: Some humans seem to have more Free Will and self awareness than others.
Quote: “With Free Will comes great responsibility.”
Search: increase self awareness
Example -

Read: “Relationship of the Six Great Extinctions”:

Watch: The Anthropocene (18 min.):

Note: We began the Anthropocene Epoch In 1950. It is characterized as the time in which the collective activities of human beings (Homo sapiens) began to alter Earth’s surface, atmosphere, oceans and systems of nutrient cycling. It follows the Holocene Epoch (11,700 years ago to the present). The name Anthropocene is derived from Greek and means the “recent age of man”.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

What If Global Warming Isn’t A Hoax?

If there’s a vehement ‘global warming denier’ in your life, understand that they are primarily motivated by fear and that denial is a defense mechanism. 

If they try to back you into a corner on the subject in order to assuage their own fears, simply reply:
“What if global warming isn’t a hoax?”

There’s no need to go beyond that, because you’d only be fueling the negativity that fuels their anger.

Only in America...

What if global warming is a hoax and we create a better world for nothing?

Gaia replies: It’s you humans who’ll have to find another planet —’ve got advanced stage humans

How Human Nature Works:

Iconoclastic Doomsayer:

I’ve got no one to blame but myself...

He’s got that thinning the herd look...

Friday, October 18, 2019

Relationship of Great Extinctions to CO2 Levels

Each major extinction event has been caused by either too little carbon dioxide in the biosphere 
[search: Cyanobacteria + Great Oxygenation Crisis + Snowball Earth] 
too much carbon dioxide 
[search: large igneous provinces LIPs]
Example: even the extinction of the dinosaurs had occurred prior the infamous asteroid strike (search: 3 meter gap + Deccan Traps).

Too Little CO2 —
Cyanobacteria Snowball Earth:
Related reading essential for understanding posting:
[Note: During the first half of Earth’s geologic history, the biosphere was very hot. What kept the temperature up was high levels of methane (a strong greenhouse gas) and carbon dioxide. Cyanobacteria then evolved and began consuming the CO2 and releasing oxygen (which had not existed as a free gas in the biosphere previously). This oxygen combined with the methane to yield  carbon dioxide which the Cyanobacteria consumed — and this process repeated itself on and on until the greenhouse gas levels were so low that not enough thermal radiation could be trapped to keep the planet from freezing solid.]

Too Much CO2 —
LIPs — Large Igneous Provinces:

Extinctions Tied to Carbon Dioxide:

In short, the single biggest driver of mass extinctions appears to be major changes in Earth’s carbon cycle such as large igneous province eruptions, huge widespread volcanic events that flooded hundreds of thousands of square miles for prolonged periods of time with lava. These eruptions ejected massive amounts of heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, enabling runaway global warming and related effects such as ocean acidification and anoxia, a loss of dissolved oxygen in water.

Large Igneous Provinces / Flood Basalts (16 minutes):

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Climate Interface of Younger Dryas Event, Deforestational Agriculture and the Milankovitch Cycle

If you study the charts of Earth’s temperature records and the Milankovitch Cycles, you’ll see as the planet comes out of an ice age, the increase in global temperature is rapid, steady and peaks at the start of the interglacial period. The global temperatures then slightly start to ‘gently decline’ before finally taking a haphazard ‘rapid decline’ to the coldest part of the next ice age before again repeating the temperature increase of the next Milankovitch Cycle. That’s the norm. However, the level of our current interglacial’s peak was hampered by the Younger Dryas Event that occurred about 13,000 years ago. Four thousand years later following this, mankind began deforesting the planet, overgrazing livestock, practicing slash-and-burn farming, etcetera — all of which disrupted the carbon cycle by increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which prevented global temperatures from decreasing. As such, temperatures would’ve remained stable, too, if vast amounts of sequestered carbon had not been recently released thru the burning of fossil fuels. 

Search: carbon cycle climate change

Watch: “Where are we in the Milankovitch Cycles?”
[How Ice Ages Happen.] (4 minutes):
NOTE: This is the single best short video on understanding climate change I’ve ever seen. Indeed, once I’ve posted this, anything else that I post subsequently on the subject of climate change will seem incidental.

If you supplement it with the YouTube channel “Just Have A Think”, then you’ll be set:

Saturday, October 12, 2019

What Is Infrared Radiation?

Visible, ultraviolet and infrared light (IR) are different frequencies (wave lengths) of electromagnetic radiation. We are able to see visible light with the ‘naked eye’, while birds can see both visible and ultraviolet light. Rattlesnakes can sense both visible and infrared light (heat). Humans, however, can only see infrared light with the aid of night vision goggles or infrared cameras. 

All 3 kinds of light exist as a wave function unless they encounter molecular structures of a sufficient size to cause the quantum wave function to phase into a photonic particle. It is this quality that allows their unimpeded transmission through outer space. With infrared radiation, large atmospheric molecules like carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, etcetera absorb this photonic energy — while nitrogen and oxygen are too small to be able to do so and let it pass by unimpeded.

Search: infrared radiation images
Search: global warming quantum

Watch 5 minute video- 
“How quantum mechanics explains global warming”:

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Pertinent Postings Relating to Global Warming

The following postings relating to global warming receive the most hits. 
Let me first preface these by saying, “It’s notable that average global temperatures are continuing to steadily increase in conjunction with rising greenhouse gas levels during a solar minimum while the Milankovitch Cycles indicate that long range temperatures should’ve been decreasing.”

Fear and Climate Change Denial:

What Is Infrared Radiation?:

Classroom Demonstrations of CO2 as a Greenhouse Gas:

Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick Was Too Short:

Climate Change - Sea Levels As An Indicator:

Relationship of Great Extinctions to CO2 Levels:

Sunday, October 6, 2019

What Kids Can Explain to Their Parents About Global Warming

What if global warming is a hoax and we create a better world for nothing?
What if global warming is not a hoax and we do nothing?

Carbon dioxide, water vapor and other large atmospheric molecules have a blanketing effect on heat being radiated away from the surface of the Earth as infrared radiation. Called the Greenhouse Effect, it is a Physical Law and has helped regulate global temperature for billions of years. Indeed, at one point early in Earth’s geologic history, carbon dioxide became so depleted that our planet became a giant ball of ice (Snowball Earth).

The next time that carbon dioxide was out-of-balance was when very prolonged volcanic basalt flows (Siberian Traps) caused so much to be pumped into the atmosphere that the oceans acidified and global temperatures soared (The Great Dying). Though lesser extinctions caused by an over abundance of CO2 have occurred, CO2 is normally benign.

When the carbon cycle is balanced, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere decreases and increases with the seasons and with the Milankovitch Cycle (planetary orientation to the sun). At these times, CO2 levels lag behind temperature levels. However, when volcanic “flood basalts” (LIPs) occur, increased CO2 levels amp up the Greenhouse Effect — global temperatures then begin lagging behind carbon dioxide levels. 

At this time in Earth’s history, the carbon cycle is being unduly influenced by the burning of carbon that has been stored underground for eons of time. The effect is the same as the basalt flows had when they released vast amounts of carbon dioxide.

“Just Have A Think” (11 minutes)
Pay close attention to the entire 2 minute introduction (October 2019):

Fear and Hope: Climate Change and Policy Solutions-2013 (59 minutes)
Excellent 16 minute introduction:

Search: ‘samslair blogspot doable drawdown solutions’

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Parts of the ‘Lower 48’ States Now Beyond 2°C Limit

There are many parts of the USA that are above and beyond the 2 degrees Celsius that is the critical threshold for global warming. A host of global catastrophic changes will occur ‘when’ (no longer ‘if’) the global average exceeds that level. For those areas already above this level, local adaptations have already begun:

Our global population’s ‘general failure’ to recognize that visible light and invisible infrared light are both electromagnetic carriers of energy (heat) & our ‘overall failure’ to comprehend that the greenhouse effect and increasing greenhouse gases are the cause of increasing global warming has resulted in our logically failing to mitigate the situation. Now surviving, not thriving, will dominate our future activities.
lower 48 exceed 2 degrees celsius 

For mitigation, search:
‘doable drawdown solutions’

For adaptations, search:
‘climate change adaptations’

Global Warming Cartoons —

Only In America:

What If Global Warming Is A Hoax?:

How Human Nature Works:

Iconoclastic Doomsayer:

Earth Goddess Gaia

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Climate Change: Then and Now

The use of the term ‘climate change’ instead of ‘global warming’ is misleading. It implies that there’s something natural about the rapid uptick in average global temperatures. Read:
“Mann’s Hockey Stick Was Too Short”

Indeed, even the term ‘global warming’ (instead of AGW) is ‘soft talk’; but, it’s acceptable, since it’s commonly understood that when you say ‘global warming’, ‘anthropogenic global warming’ is the reference. Read:

The term ‘climate change’ came about as an attempt to encourage meaningful discussion on the subject of global warming without immediately inducing a universal conditioned fearful response that’d stymy meaningful discussion. So, we went from AGW, to global warming, and then to climate change in order to assuage the fears of those too easily upset by what is the ‘natural consequence’ of our actions. 

A deterministic argument could be mounted, however, that because mankind was created by God, anything that man does is of the ‘natural order’. Therefore, the global warming phenomenon induced by fossil fuel emissions is ultimately God’s Will. After all, He created the vast deposits of coal and oil. 

This, however, violates the Spiritual Law of Free Will bestowed upon man by God. Indeed, the availability of fossil fuels is somewhat akin to the apple on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In any case, however, we still must contend with God’s ‘physical law’ whereby carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, etcetera have a blanketing effect upon infrared radiation. Read:

Note: Metaphysics and quantum physics do have some overlap. So, if you can get on board with that, here’s a video worth watching:
“How quantum mechanics explains global warming” (5minutes):

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Global Warming Denial Is Illogical

Global warming cannot be denied without first denying the fact that carbon dioxide has a blanketing effect on infrared radiation. Even if someone states that they believe in the greenhouse effect, but that they don’t believe that the trace amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could possibly have a significant effect upon the atmospheric temperature, one can only chuckle — because, it has also been the past ‘trace’ amounts of atmospheric CO2 that has kept the planet from being perpetually frozen over.

Greenhouse Effect Defined:

Monday, September 30, 2019

Reincarnation & Climate Change: Pause and Reflect

If reincarnation is real, then what impact might climate change have on your ‘future’? What venues will be available (or not) for succeeding incarnations? So, when you ask of yourself if you have a soul, a spirit, the answer takes on greater import in the ‘now’.

Reincarnation has been discussed for over a thousand years and experts, like the late Canadian Psychiatrist Dr Ian Stevenson, researched the subject and wrote books showing that there was much evidence to prove that reincarnation existed.

Search: Ian Stevenson Reincarnation

Ten Reincarnation Stories (15 min):

If the above interests you, then also search ‘Dr. Raymond Moody’ and his books. You have a lot to look forward to.