Sunday, April 3, 2016

Expressions for Today

When the truth suffers, so do we all.

I hear you;
but, I'm not listening.

"Treat a cold and it lasts about seven days; ignore it, and it lasts about a week."

As the old saying goes . . .
"As you go through life, make this your goal:
Keep your eye on the doughnut and not the hole."

"Hear blessings dropping their blossoms all around you." Rumi

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life. ~Rumi

Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.~ Rumi

"The truth is always eloquent"

"We hate those who force us to lie"

'If you don't know your options, then you don't have any."

"I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!" (x)

pussycat stumble.

"Life is simpler when you plow around the stumps".

"A person ain't worth much if he can't keep his word."

"People remember more about how you make them feel than what you did."

"It's often easier to fight for a principle than to live up to it."

Doing the right thing may not always feel great; but, it feels better than doing the wrong thing.

I'm a working man when there's nothing better to do.
                        Quint Asper

One can do most anything, but not everything

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.

Myths are a necessary manifestation of hope in a flawed world.

"Try loving the ONE who loves you."

When you're not honest with your heart, the pain you feel is your answer.

You can't worry about every little detail in life, or else you'd just plain give up.

Don’t give advice to people who don’t ask for it.

A person is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.

I don't know what I don't know.

Live and learn.

Experience is what makes one's mistakes seem so familiar.

A bore is a person who talks when he should be listening.

They stick as close together as a bunch of hillbilly cousins.

Wit has truth in it;
Wisecracking is simply calisthenics with words.

Hard work will take the edge off of worry any day.

You don’t always have to chop with the sword of truth. You can point with it too. – Anne LaMott

Life can be hard; and it doesn't necessarily get any easier with age.

Ass/u/me / assumptions can easily make an ass out of u and me.

....just might be the exception that proves the rule.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

Breathe deep and move with awareness of self and of others.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Action is the antidote to despair.
[inertia and stagnation is the opposite of movement and change]

It's better to accept your fate and receive guidance than to fight it and receive none.

I want you to be happy, too -- just not enough to do anything about it.
                                  Sheldon Cooper

People change -- for the better; for the worse -- but people do change.

Being long in pride and short on brains is a bad combination.

... like watching a 3-D movie without the special glasses!

It takes a while to sink in.

... so bull headed stubborn that they can't listen to reason.

There was never a horse that couldn't be rode. Never a man that couldn't be throwed.

....slicker 'n owl shit.

... as stubborn as a Missouri mule.

Time doesn't go anywhere. It just is.

What is 'is'. What ain't 'ain't.

I'll look for you when I see you coming.

No news is most often good news.

Let's not be hanging a claw into one another now...

Let's not & just say we did.

Maybe yes;
maybe no --
I just don't know.

Here I sit all broken hearted;
Tried to shit but only farted.

Just because life ain't always easy doesn't mean that it's always overly difficult either.

~ In life, you’re first given an opportunity to make things right.  If you don’t, it becomes a challenge; and, then it finally it becomes a crisis.~ 

If he had a conscience, his life wouldn't be worth living.

He's the south end of a north bound mule.

They can go fuck themselves AND the horse they rode in on (as you gesture with your little finger of the left hand jabbing upwards in the air).

They're treating me like a frothy dog.

Well beat the drums and sound the brass if there don't go one big horse's ass.

He's only got one oar in the water.

Sometimes two half wits do almost make a whole wit.

It'd take two of him to make a half wit.

I like my job. It's the work I hate.

Everything I like is either improper, illegal or fattening.

I'll look for you when I see you coming.

I like work. It fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.

There's nothing more relaxing than watching somebody else work.

Sometimes you eat just to keep from getting hungry.

A hungry man cannot feed another.

You can't fed a man who doesn't know he's hungry.

Who ever heard of a revolution of fat men.

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow".

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Count not the money not yet in your hand.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Mumble, grumble, pussycat stumble.

The only people you should get even with are those who have helped you.

Don't get mad, get even.

Kitty says to Matt Dillon:
Why, you are suspicious of everyone!
Matt's reply: Yeah. That's why I'm still alive.

He acts like he got hit in the head by a bolt of lightning so that even  when he's standing still, he looks like he's scooting sideways.
                      Chester Goode

They act like they've got an itch that they can't scratch.....
.... Like they can't get to. they can't scratch in public.

Most folks can be trusted up to a point, but it's still best not to put temptation in their way.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Lock, stock, and barrel

For sure and certain, he's as tough as old hickory.

Thoughts for Today

Give a man a mask and he will reveal himself.

Strengthen your compassion by practice.

Compassion is contagious.

They believed it because they wanted it to be true.....

It's what we do with life's experiences that makes the difference.

We can learn from the mistakes of others maybe better than our own perhaps because we can be more objective and less defensive.

Gossip true;
gossip untrue -
both are still gossip

There are those who are unwilling to see because they're unable; and then, there are those who are unable to because they're unwilling. Those willing to struggle are best suited to begin to see the truth....

That which is human resists \ that which is humane does not.

Being "positive" isn't easy.
Positive as in enlightened and as in sure.

Forget about forgiving and just accept it.

Either/or thinking tends towards the duality of separation,  while connected unity is promoted by "and" & "both".

"’s important not to confuse causality with synchronicity"

Up and down on the merry-go-round

Improvement, not perfection.

"Truth or Consequences"

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all - Helen Keller

Whatever you fight, fights back.

Be careful of the thoughts, feelings and actions you put in motion. They can seemingly take on a life of their own.

We all have to pay the piper sooner  or later -- so, we'd better sharpen our self-observations (from a spiritual point of view) of our thoughts, feelings and actions/reactions.

Life is a "mosaic" of conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings and actions and much much more....

"All is forgiven once you are in the grave. To do otherwise is folly." me

"Love is a difficult task."

Try not to impede the life force of your own life stream / and certainly not that of others. Allow the angels and forces of light to help.

1, 2, 3 ...
Take things in order.

Q: Am I free?
A: You always have personal freedom of choice. This is the highest Spiritual Law. You are free to the degree that you recognize and honor this immutable truth.

Life is about actions and interactions & being and relationships.

To minimize interference and maximize acceptance, we don't like being told what the right way is. We don't like being told what to do / even if it is indirect. However, I like having various possible options highlighted for my consideration.

God' s angels ....showing us all of the ways.

Whatever happens is.

If someone takes over the conversation just because you take a breath, you wonder if they're listening to you.

There are no finite TRUTHS.

To live,
To die --
Life is for the living.
Take joy in living.

To choose not to choose is still a choice.

Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I want to change myself. ~ Rumi

We all all•ready make our own choices. We just don't all take responsibility for them. We're doing good if we can even understand the mitigating circumstances.

Problem: I am caught in a trap of my own making.
Solution: You are caught in a trap of "your" own making.

A lifetime of choices made or forgone.

Your choices reflect who you really are.

Life is too short to not spend it loving .....

I can really only be responsible for myself --- my thoughts, my feelings, my actions, my reactions... to try to be responsible for others' choices is interference.

I trust in my soul to guide me.....
Not everything is about 'me'.
And that does not mean everything will work out perfectly --
only that they will work out for the best (the greatest good),

We pray for 'good outcome' in all that we do.

The less judgemental you are, the more open you can be.

She's mostly honest -- and working on the rest.

Be happy in front of people you don't like -- it distresses them.
Be happy in front of people you do like -- they will share in your joy.

Stop. Look & Listen. Think. And then "ob•serve". Be grateful.

In considering whether or not to work on forgiving someone, look at how much of a burden carrying the antagonism towards that person weighs. Forgiving does not mean condoning or rationalizing or forgetting. It means letting go of the negative feelings such as desire for revenge etcetera. Forgiveness is made easier if one receives a heartfelt apology(s).

All in All, it's all already mostly decided. You can influence the ultimate outcomes by keeping your nose pointed in the right direction and listening to your heart, but real change comes when you Real•ly change. If X=Y2, then what are you in the equation?

Beware of skinny women -- they're always "hungry" & therefore irritable.

People are jealous of one another.

"To serve" is to ob•serve.

The more poor choices you make, the fewer options you leave yourself with. It's like painting yourself into a corner / or shrinking the room you're standing in down and down to where you're in a cage.

Meddling is another way of saying 'interfering'.

You create your own reality -- and that it is what it is all about.

Life is about choices / about learning lessons in the niche that we created.

Hardest thing in life is being always honest and truthful.

I choose the path of goodness.

Differentiation, not separation.

Level(s) of conscious awareness.
Focus of attention / focal points.

I 'forget' to forgive
I forget to 'forgive'.

Forgive to forget.
Forgive -- cease to blame or hold resentment against someone; to grant pardon for a mistake, wrongdoing, etc).
Forget --  dismiss from the mind; stop remembering.

Gossip, cruelty and superstition are three destructive human traits that are the most unloving and most easily discernible. Careful observation of oneself and others is the most direct way to deal with this. Truthfulness and honesty is the key.
Observe = to serve

Avoid greed, envy, lust, and especially gossip, cruelty and superstition.

Life is choices.

We are all learning from / teaching one another.

Life is a metaphor for reality.

We have freedom of choice. We may not like the choices or even recognize all of them -- and we are not free to avoid the consequences of our choices. Even not choosing is still choosing.

To trust someone means you have faith in them.

It is an appreciation of the absurd that burnishes my sense of humor.

Remove your ego & Idealized self image from all that is disturbing you --- and resolutions shall proceed.

You can love someone and not entirely trust them. Trust runs deeper.

Non-interference does NOT necessarily mean absolute non-involvement.

Act of Being => I AM
I am, I am, I am;
three times three-
I am, I am, I am.

Is life more of a dream? Or a reflection?

Only use "I am" for positive statements. Use I feel, I think, etcetera for other.....

The "world" doesn't change. People change.

Don't be so linear.

Not being wrong and sometimes being correct does not mean being right.

What's going to be already IS at some level.

To be or not to be. That is the question.

ALL in "all", all is as it is supposed to have been (all things considered).

What will be 'will be' and the only thing that you can do to change it is to change yourself (your inner equation).

Stop and think before saying anything.
Ask yourself:
Is it true? (You may need to add qualifiers to qualify the degree to which you are certain...).

I surrender;
I give up;
I release;
I renounce;
I relinquish my control over others.
[Perhaps this will strengthen my self control.]

In an encounter, if you are not looking to thrust, then you can better parry / and do so indefinitely?! Like when Data played Kolrami in the game Strategema in StarTrek.... when he played for a stalemate and Kolrami lost patience and had to give up.

Look for the center of the pain and find that which is absurd or ridiculous. Let your sense of humor set you free.

Spirituality 101: Thoughts for Today

"When everything is connected to everything else, for better or for worse, everything matters."

"With free will comes great responsibility",

Though the heavens may show us the way, we ourselves must walk the path.

"If this world were perfect, it wouldn't be."
by Yogi Berra

In this life and those between,
no good deed goes unseen.

Before questioning God, ask yourself.

People usually love others in the same proportion that they love themselves.

The opposite of intolerance is indifference.

You came from a place of love, not fear.
You will return to a place of love, not fear.
                                        Taoist saying

‘You already know the answer to any problem you have.’
                                          Taoist proverb

Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
–Matthew 6:20-21
(refers to Causal body)

But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree. And none shall make them afraid.
For the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken.
–Micah 4:4

..."Some have a belief in God. But the energy of their life and the actions they engage in are contrary to anyone's definition of God".
                                      Maha Chohan

...service must be rendered in Love - which makes for Happiness.
                                        Lord Ling

Good, honest, decent people are always in demand. It should not matter their religion, ethnicity or gender. The Golden Rule is Universal.

Global Warming: Younger Dryas' Comet 'Impacts' Holocene's Onset Peak Temperature

If one looks at the temperature charts of the past four glaciations and interglacials of the Pleistocene, note that the rising rate of temperature at the end of each ice age that leads into each interglacial period is steep and continuous (due to Milankovitch cycle). The highest temperature of each interglacial is at its onset. The peak at the onset of our current interglacial, the Holocene, however, was not as high as the previous interglacials' peak temperatures because a huge comet blast 12,900 years ago caused the Younger Dryas cooling period that lasted a thousand years which tempered our current Holocene interglacial's peak temperature.

Note: Our interglacial's "naturally" occurring highest temperatures ended 5,000 years ago during which time gray whales traversed the Northwest Passage between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic). Today's warming trend is now once again allowing the gray whales to access the polar route. Despite being hunted to extinction in the Atlantic in the 18th century, they are now starting to appear in places as unlikely as off the coast of Israel.