Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Why Have Russia’s Siberian Fires Been Under Reported?

For the past two months, widespread fires have been burning unchecked in Siberia. If you did not know, then ask yourself why? And why do we know more than we want to about Epstein, but not this stupendous event relating to advancing global warming. To see how small the media coverage has been, search:
russia siberia fires 2019 —
Then note the news organizations reporting and those not reporting and the overall lacking amount of coverage.

Though it’s tempting to think it’s simply part of the climate change denial and disinformation effort, I’m also remembering some of the near misses by significant sized asteroids that were not reported until they had actually passed (even though we’d been tracking them). Possible asteroid strikes and rampant global warming induced forest fires cause angst that might feed already heightened anxiety levels.

Perhaps, with the European heat wave and related coverage along with the preceding climate news from Australia etcetera, it was just too much. Or maybe, because it’s in Siberia, we just don’t care. Not click worthy? Whatever the reason(s), I find it disheartening that YouTube has been providing better coverage of this event than established news media.

Fighting Climate Change With Condoms

The world’s population is projected to jump to 9 billion by 2050, with more than 90 percent of that growth coming from developing countries. In countries with access to condoms and other contraceptives, average family sizes tend to fall significantly within a generation.

But, America’s “Global Gag Rule” thwarts the international family planning and health services effort.

It should be noted that the population growth in developing countries exacerbates efforts to curb carbon emissions: