Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rising Sea Levels: Doggerland's Tale

The lowlands of present day Finland are reminiscent of Doggerland --  

before it was finally submerged by rising sea levels about 8000 years  
ago. [Note: This is within the same time frame that the lands of the  
legendary Garden of Eden (at the head of the Persian Gulf) were  
submerged & the fabled 'Noah's Flood' aka 'Black Sea Deluge'  

"Doggerland" is a name given by archaeologists and geologists to a
former landmass in the southern North Sea that connected the island of
Great Britain to mainland Europe during and after the last Ice Age."
In another couple hundred years, coastal regions around the world
will be in a  condition similar to Doggerland and the Finnish lowlands.
One only has  to look at  currently exposed coral reefs sitting well
above sea level  and inland in  Florida from the last interglacial
period to be aware of that.The variable  in the time line is the level of
increased greenhouse  gases which are  accelerating and amplifying the
current process of  global warming.  The  only real 'unanswered
question' is whether or not  'methane hydrate  gasification' will become
a self-sustaining cycle.

Music to listen to while you study the above:
"Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi"