Thursday, August 30, 2018

New Technology Allows Renewable Energy Sources To Produce Transportable Hydrogen For Cars

For the past decade, researchers have worked on producing ultra-high purity hydrogen using a unique membrane technology. First, ‘green hydrogen’ produced from green energy is combined with nitrogen from the air and converted to ammonia.... then using the new technology, the ammonia is converted back into hydrogen. In between, the ammonia provides a much more economical and safer medium to transport.

“Australia has a huge source of renewable energy — sunlight and wind — that can be utilised to produce hydrogen.
But the highly flammable element is difficult to ship long distances because of its low density.
CSIRO researchers found a way to turn Australian-made hydrogen into ammonia, meaning it could be shipped safely to the mass market of Asia. It is converted back into hydrogen using their membrane, then pumped into hydrogen-powered cars.
As of now, there are only five such cars in Australia, but there are tens of thousands across Japan, South Korea and Singapore.”

"The key here is we can transport the hydrogen from the place where it is produced from renewable energy and we can ship that form of ammonia anywhere in the world. Hydrogen Mobility Australia said the technology has the potential to fill a gap in the chain to supply fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) with low-emissions hydrogen produced in Australia.”

“In a world first, two cars powered by hydrogen derived from ammonia have hit the road in Queensland.
Industry leaders say the breakthrough by the CSIRO could see Australia become a renewable energy superpower because the game-changing technology will allow the carbon-free fuel to be shipped 'safely' anywhere in the world.”

Video- Carbon-free fuel: Australian hydrogen car breakthrough could go global
(2 minutes)

“Hydrogen from the Sun”
(7 minute video)
This video looks at hydrogen production using electrolysis as one option for storing energy from the sun. Also includes a brief explanation of fuel cells.