Wednesday, December 27, 2017

One Voting Strategy for Future USA Elections

Since neither political party really represents my beliefs, I will be pursuing the following voting strategy:

At the national level, for the House of Representatives, I’ll vote Democrat. I’ll vote Republican for the Senate. For President, I’ll vote for the person who I think is the most qualified for the job. The key point being that you cannot allow one single party to dominate.

At the state level, I’ll employ the above strategy.

At the local level, I’ll vote for the best person for the position they’re running for. 

And I’ll vote in the Democratic Primary to help keep them from going too far to the Left.

Note: After Reagan disappointed me with his amnesty and his trickle-down economics tax cut, I started voting third party based upon the direction I thought the nation needed to go (sometimes Green Party and other times Libertarian). But in 2016, I went Democrat all the way with the Republican lineup looking like it did at all levels. [Note: the severe degree of partisanship turns me off to the point that I’m tempted to not vote sometimes. After all, why vote for the bastards? You only encourage them.]

I personally support: 
No amnesty for immigration
Balanced budgets
Environmental protection
Planned Parenthood 

Auxiliary reading—
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Note: When we go to Ranked Choice Voting, I can drop my personal voting strategy.