Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Voting Strategy For Future Elections

Basic survival needs for future generations cause me to be most concerned about immigration and climate change. Republicans are better suited to deal with immigration problems than the Democrats, but the Democrats are more willing to tackle global warming. Since bipartisanship needs to prevail in order for meaningful action to occur on any issue, neither party should be allowed to dominate. So, as Republicans function best in the Senate and the Democrats in the House, I will vote accordingly for the federal and state legislative offices. 

As for the offices of president, governor, mayor, etcetera, I’ll try to vote for those individuals who demonstrate the ‘better’ overall integrity and leadership qualities no matter what party they belong to — while hoping that perhaps these individuals can become the salvation of their respective parties. If there’s not a clear choice, then I’ll vote against the incumbent in an effort to encourage balance.

Note: If my strategy requires a particular federal or state candidate for the legislature but this person is too distasteful for me, I’ll simply not vote for that office. For example, with the above strategy I should vote for Cruz for Senator. However, I find him extremely distasteful. Since the strategy requires I assign a Republican to this slot, in this election I will simply not vote for anyone for this office. I won’t vote for the man, but I won’t vote against him either. 

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