Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trump’s Wall: Right for the Wrong Reasons?

As global temperatures rise further and further, equatorial region populations south of the border will be put under greater and greater environmental stresses. They will be forced out of their homelands and flee to anywhere and everywhere possible in order to survive. The USA isn’t the only country they will flee to; but, we’ve got the longest and hardest to protect border. 

So, even though I detest “Trump’s Wall”, he may be right for the wrong reasons. [Sadly, he’s the one deriding the reality of global warming induced climate change.] Nonetheless, when a flood of this new group of foreign immigrant heads our way, even those motivated by ‘politically correct thinking’ will have to think twice (and then rethink again)!

If you want to see what how even a seemingly impenetrable border fence cannot stop large groups of desperate people, then watch the first half of the following YouTube video.
“Europe’s most fortified border is in Africa” (11 minutes)