Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Dampening Effect of Negative Emotions: Fear, Anger, Depression, Etcetera

Emotions are complex reactions that are psychological (what we think) and biological (what we feel). Our brain responds to our thoughts by releasing hormones and chemicals, which send us into a state of arousal. All emotions come about in this way, whether positive or negative.

There are a number of coping strategies to deal with negative emotions. These include:
* Don’t blow things out of proportion by going over them time and again in your mind.
* Try to be reasonable - accept that bad feelings are occasionally unavoidable and think of ways to make yourself feel better.
* Relax - use pleasant activities like reading, walking or talking to a friend.
* Learn - notice how grief, loss and anger make you feel and which events trigger those feelings so you can prepare in advance.
* Exercise - aerobic activity lowers your level of stress chemicals and allows you to cope better with negative emotions.
* Let go of the past - constantly going over negative events robs you of the present and makes you feel bad.

Comment: Of the above, I consider reducing and terminating the “revolving” (mulling over and over) to be essential. It’s like walking the same path in the fields of your mind and creating ruts that become your line of least resistance. You strengthen these synaptic pathways instead of forging new and improved ones. When the revolving begins, change your physical activity and shake loose from it. Eventually, simply remember to breath deep may be enough.

Pursuing spiritual matters may help you find acceptance of the Universe and your place in it. Self-acceptance is a good thing.