Saturday, July 20, 2019

Salvation Of The Soul

Note: The following paragraphs are a reposting of what I’d posted originally on June 30, 2008. Though I’ve learned a lot more since I’d posted this, I’ll let it stand on its own merit. The one thing that I’d like to add is that the early Christians called themselves “The People of the Way” and were that era’s New Age Religion. They were considered to be a cult and were persecuted severely. Not all of their beliefs survived this era. Those that mainstream society could not easily grasp nor accept were not incorporated into what became mainstream Christianity. For example, Jesus was not a male supremacist.”

“Many religions believe that souls are created by God.  They, also, usually believe that God created the Universe.  He did –  just not in the direct ‘hands-on’ sort of way that us mortals can easily conceive of.  The creation of the soul and God’s Universe weren’t done in a measurable length of time / and they are interconnected.  Early Christians understood this; but, their teachings were not understood by much of the general populace.  For example, Christ did not promise instant redemption.  Later, these early Christians beliefs were considered to undermine the authoritarian structure of ‘established religion’, branded as esoteric, and banned [Early Christian writings & books that were rejected at the First Council of Nicaea].  Higher order thinking skills were driven underground and ordinary people were given something that they could believe in that would more easily give them hope.

Fortunately, other religions that were in existence and evolving at the same time, did stay true to the concept of an everlasting soul and one’s own responsibility in tending to it.  The Universal Law of Cause and Effect aka Karma tells us that we shall rise or fall in incremental stages according to our own thoughts and feelings and deeds.  You can believe in the salvation that Christ brought, but only if you take his message of Love & Wisdom into your “heart & soul” can you be saved “one step at-a-time” through repeated incarnations in this physical world manifestation of purgatory that some call a “world school”.
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