Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mommy Daddy Issues: Inside Trump's Improbable Win

"....Donald Trump is now president-elect because his relentless, sometimes manic salesman’s pitch was able to pluck a string with Americans that no poll really managed to capture: The perpetual belief that a new character with a new story could deliver them something nobody else could, whether a trade victory over China, or a wall against Mexicans, or a return to a vision of America that seemed to be vanishing for good. And the more he cut loose, the more the media covered him, and the more people he reached...."

Read the original article excerpt from Politico Magazine:

Note: While all of the political experts have nailed down the political and social truths surrounding Trump's win, one observation that I've made amongst my family and friends who passionately supported either Clinton or Trump have strong "mommy daddy" issues in their personal lives. Now, I'm not referencing the Mommy Daddy political issues divide first popularized in the 60s. I'm talking about visceral personal feelings towards one's own parents based on childhood hurts.

If reading this immediately stirs a defensive reaction, then you owe it to yourself to consider this factor in your own feelings. [With this in mind, I googled "voting based on mommy daddy issues". It's good reading that extends itself to a wide variety of areas other than politics.]