Monday, November 25, 2019

What Will Be Will Be; Que Sera Sera

A smallish butterfly the color of fresh buttermilk flutters upward in the crisp, sun-laden air of a beautiful Fall morn — and, as it is lofted suddenly from sight, a sudden spatter of oak leaves wobbling earthward, loosened from their moorings by the same puff of air that had taken the ‘flutterby’ from view, silently meet their shadows on the ground, where previously unnoticed tiny shadows jerkily transverse the view, being cast by a pair of finches flitting high up in the tree twittering,“What will be will be.”

Note: ‘Que sera sera’ is Spanish for "what will be, will be." This is something you say when you are fully engaged in an ongoing situation and have come to embrace the unchangability of it all. This is similar to the phrase ‘it is what it is’.

Song: Que Sera Que Sera (with lyrics) -