Friday, February 15, 2019

Ecce Deus: Behold The God Realized Man

“Behold the God-Realized Man” —Ascended Master Teachings series marked the inauguration of the first outreach module of The Temple of The Presence (14 videos):

Note: For better understanding, be sure to click open and read the description of each. For example, the first in the series, “Unshackling the Bonds of Ignorant Human Limitation” is described:
“Behold the God-Realized Man and God-Realized Woman! This is the special, powerful, and encouraging message of Ecce Deus. You, as a mstudent of the Ascended Masters, have something invaluable to give to the Heart Flames of this world — the unique and brand new perspective of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, and the wonderful message of God Individualized. People everywhere in the world need to know this story of the indwelling Divinity of their own Higher Self and their Divine Origin as their great, august, illustrious God Presence. They have gone to sleep in the Earth for thousands of embodiments, and it is time now to wake up and become who they have always been — the Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!”

If the terminology is unfamiliar, refer to:

The next series is entitled “The Godhead Charioteers” which can be currently viewed from the Replays section:
[Godhead Charioteers Outreach Class]

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