Monday, September 18, 2017

Human Extinction Threats Drive Human Evolution: New Humans In The Offing?

100,000 years ago, there were several different kinds of humans on Earth. Then super-volcano Toba erupted 70,000+ years ago and pushed Homo sapiens to the fore. Now, we're faced with a looming 'bottleneck' called global warming.

Our current human population is so numerous that multiple mutations have occurred alongside the potential for genetic engineering. "Over the past 10,000 years, human evolution has occurred a hundred times more quickly than in any other period in our species’ history."
What will the new species be called that may arise the devastating results of our current quagmire?

New Humans In The Offing

Is it time for nature to take its course and 'thin the herd' to see which of our newer mutations will be beneficial towards the further evolution of our species? Especially, since mankind is making remarkably little progress in genuinely comprehending that there can only be one God (one Creator) no matter what the anthropomorphic tribal name given by different religions. If we'd just more fully realize this, then perhaps we would treat each other more like brothers and sisters? [Oops! I just realized that we already do generally treat one another like siblings (sibling rivalry)]. Perhaps 'friends' would be a more appropriate concept to aim for. Brethren implies those of a like mind which is limiting. We need those who are more enlightened towards the Universal Mind.

I once knew a fellow who would openly state, "I'm a racist. (pause) I believe in the human race". I can only hope that he was right.

Note: If there is a population crash in the future, after the 'new humans' rebuild society, perhaps they will be a bit more astute than we have proven to be. At any rate, they won't have the oil reserves that we've had to fully repeat our kind of industrialization errors even if they do muck it up as badly as we have. I just hope that they develop interstellar travel before a truly 'natural disaster' brings about an extinction event that finishes us all off.

new future human species evolve

How Evolution Works (12 minutes)
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Global Warming: ¿Cuál es el punto?

In Spanish, there's an expression that means "What's the point".  I take it to 
simultaneously mean both 'why we are doing something' and 'why even bother'. You search for the balancing point between the two diametrically opposed concepts without expecting a resolution. Meaning comes within the 'point of tension' that their opposition creates. You allow this energy to help you maintain a balanced viewpoint and realize deeper meanings.....

With this playing in the background of your mind, read and assimilate the following four insightful comics:

There's a comic strip where a grandfather says to his grown daughter: "The science may be convincing, but there's a good reason not to believe in global warming. If we were really convinced it was real, then we'd actually have to DO something about it."

In a Calvin and Hobbes comic panel, Calvin comments to Hobbes:
"It's true. Ignorance is bliss...(because) once you know things, you start seeing problems everywhere, and once you see problems, you feel like you ought to try to fix them and fixing problems always seems to require personal change and change means doing things that aren't fun... but if you're willfully stupid, you don't know any better, so you can keep doing whatever you like.. The secret to happiness is short term, stupid, self-interest."

In another comic, a college student is remarking to his professor:
"You're the best teacher I've ever had. You opened my eyes to the world and showed me how to think critically... I was happy until I met you."

In the last comic, the setting is at a world climate summit. Besides combatting global warming, auxiliary reasons for minimizing fossil fuel usage are listed as: energy independence, preserve rain forests, sustainability, green jobs, livable cities, renewables, clean water and air, healthy citizenry, etcetera. Then a spectator exclaims, "What if it's a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing."