Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kuunkuiskaajat: 'Moonwhisperers'

Kuunkuiskaajat ('Moonwhisperers') is a Finnish female folk duo made up of Värttinä members Susan Aho and Johanna Virtanen

Kuunkuiskaajat "Kahden"

Kuunkuiskaajat's first rehearsal...

Hääkellot - Kuunkuiskaajat

Kuunkuiskaajat- Taivaanrinne

Kuunkuiskaajat - Ruutuliina

Zygotic Personhood

Radical 'fundamentalists' believe that because millions of children were not conceived because of "birth control pill" contraception then that makes it evil. Reasonable people see that because unwanted children were not produced, countless suffering has been abolished (including decreases in crime, child abuse, and ecological nightmares). Regardless, with women gaining more control over their reproductive fate, society has changed. Reliable birth control became as easy as taking a pill, which some call the single greatest factor in helping women achieve equality.

Although religious people may debate whether a fertilized egg (zygote) should be accorded the same rights as a child, no one debates that the pill has decreased the suffering of fully formed, multicellular humans.

    Note that "zygotic personhood" (the idea that a fertilized egg is a person) is a recent concept. Historically, many believed that the embryo was not a person until it was 40 days old. Thus, a human did not have a soul until day 40.
Note: This was the belief before the invention of Christian fundamentalism one hundred years ago / the movement reflected the cultural disorientation of poorer, more rural, less well-educated Americans in a rapidly urbanizing America, especially in conjunction with WWI.

But perhaps the real issue here is the question of when the soul is created (and by whom)? Some believe that the soul is created at conception (thus making the human coupling the creators). However, I believe that the soul exists much prior to this -- and that the soul does not even "begin" the long process of incarnating until about the time the embryo loses it's "vestigial tail".

Through The Wormhole (with Morgan Freeman)

Now in its second season, "Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman" is an American science documentary television series:

Through The Wormhole (with Morgan Freeman) Episodes:

Latest episode:
Is there a sixth sense? This episode attempts to provide some possible insight into this question --
Part 1 of 4
Global Consciousness Project using random number generators /
Morphic Fields -- part 2
9/11 Global Consciousness Event? Presentiment? part 3
Sexual precognition? part 4

Edible Landscaping: Purslane

If you have an area that gets blistered by the summer sun, you have a great spot to raise Purslane (low-growing annual succulents). They take very little watering (less than Bermuda grass) and provides thick green ground cover with bountiful flowers that are constantly blooming. I have it in 5 different rich and vibrant colors growing on bare ground -- though I've topped it lately with a layer of pea gravel. My first Purslane plant I discovered in the yard growing wild (a seed from somewhere had been somehow deposited there). I added other colors from nurseries. Once established, they come back from seed each summer. Small butterflies love it. And it's very nutritious - munch on it as you will.

My favorite method for propogating new starts of Purslane is to use a stick to poke a hole a few inches into moistened ground and insert a length of Purslane broken off of the main plant -- then gently cave in the sides of the hole to seal the start into place. Keeping it slightly moist for a while gets it established.



Loituma / Finnish Folk Music

Loituma is a Finnish quartet whose members combine the Finnish vocal tradition with the sounds of the kantele.

Things of Beauty / Notes on the Songs
Lyrics in Finnish and English:

Listen to individually:
Eriskummainen kantele / My kantele

Kun mun kultani tulisi

Ieva's polka

Viimesen Kerran

Listen to a mix for Loituma (automatic play):
    2:37 Ieva's Polka
    5:14 Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi
    3:42 Eriskummainen Kantele
    3:11 Viimesen Kerran
    3:50 Beach Cooing
    4:26 Utu
    3:20 Dissertation Polka
    6:50 Suo
    3:31 Laulu laiskana pitävi
You can click on individual titles to listen to independently: