Sunday, September 30, 2018

Demonstrations Of How ‘Greenhouse Effect’ Is Real

Those who do not believe that global warming is automatically amplified by increased carbon dioxide emissions must first logically assume that the greenhouse effect is not real. Thus, by extension, there’d be no such thing as Greenhouse Gases. Also, they do not yet understand that all life on Earth has always depended on the Greenhouse Effect for survival, because without it being real the globe would look like a snowball.

However, if they were to search online-> ‘demonstration proof greenhouse effect is real’, then they would see for themselves that the greenhouse effect is demonstrable and that, indeed, carbon dioxide is a “greenhouse gas”. Hence, the impact that carbon dioxide has upon the greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse Gas Demo (4 minute):

Greenhouse Gases Explained (2 min.):

Greenhouse Effect Explained (5 min):

Has Greenhouse Effect Been Falsified:

Note: The above experiments do not show the ratio of warming per unit of CO2. Such finesse in a jar is not possible. The intent is only to demonstrate that CO2 absorbs warmth: