Tuesday, May 23, 2017

As'tIs: Fleeing Safe Haven and Into Trouble

As I stand in front of my grocery store under a huge awning watching a sudden cloudburst pour down in the early evening, I watch other customers come out of the store loaded with groceries. With little hesitation, they all head into the rain and not one has an an umbrella despite the large display of umbrellas for sale by the exit. I, myself, do have an umbrella; but watching and observing this melee is much too interesting to pass up. 

Note: One lady did pause long enough for me to tell her that my weather app radar showed that the rain would be totally gone in less than five minutes. She thanked me for the information and plunged into the heavy rain and immediately almost got backed into by a previously drenched 'escapee'.

Oops! The rain just now ended. The air is cool and fresh. And not one single person waited out the rain with me. Interesting?! Now the people who'd been waiting in their cars for the rain to stop are coming into the store. It seems there's a different mind set depending on whether you are coming or going.

Human nature- it's all too often quite perplexing.