Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Symbolism in the Bible

"Those who seek only literal interpretations of scripture become confused, because the Bible is not an explicit historical text. Scriptures were written to communicate spiritual knowledge, and the best way to communicate that kind of knowledge is in spiritual language, which is that language of metaphor, allegory, and symbolism."

"The Bible is a collection of writings. The first part, the Old Testament, is translated from the Jewish tradition. In Judaism, that collection of writings is called the Tanakh. Specifically, the story of the Ark is in the Torah, the five books of Moses. Yet, in Judaism, there are many more scriptures, and not all are available to the public. In other words, there are levels of teachings. Christianity, on the other hand, has rejected most of those other writings, even though the founder of Christianity is a master of those writings. We point this out because Jesus, as a Jew and a master of Hebrew and the secret teachings of Judaism, has not been followed as an example by his students. They have willingly avoided the knowledge needed in order to understand their own tradition. A Christian who knows Hebrew and Kabbalah understands Jesus and Christianity far better."